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The XavierR833's blog

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me scoring 0 points in the PFL Apr 13, 2021
in my first frookies

Points: 2 2 comments
That frookies enrollment Apr 13, 2021
gave me PTSD to having to inspect element into hungers when Hunger was first released. Tengaged be WILDING
Points: 23 0 comments
how tf Apr 13, 2021
do you get into frooks now
Points: 33 3 comments
but like Apr 4, 2021
bring back the duel and wheel of fortune lololol
Points: 7 0 comments
Me sitting here Apr 4, 2021
missing my TV star account
Points: 31 2 comments
Someone hacked XavierR83 again Aug 12, 2020
It was good to have it for... you know a month?

Can we perm ban XavierR83 it is my original account and no longer in my possession. Thanks. randomize
Points: 17 2 comments