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  1. It's only been so many weeks into summer
  2. Thanks alexaaaaaaa :)
  3. Toronto is literally
  4. Joining stars tmrw
  5. Well at least we won the Calder cup
  6. anyone wanna fornite?
  7. Ps4. Fortnite. Reach
  8. Is there any trick to Zoo?
  9. Appreciation blog
  10. One of my friends just bailed
  11. oh true stars 500 is today
  12. anyone wanna premade that hunger with me?
  13. Ugh. Time. To. Start. Again
  14. Going to the gym
  15. How is arris so poopular?
  16. If I cheated on my math test
  17. Vote me in this poll plz!!!
  18. Who's currently got the longest
  19. GREAT ball hockey game from the boys today
  20. Stars 499
  21. Anyone wanna play fortnite
  22. i bet
  23. Such an underrated legend of tg
  24. gotta go play ball hockey
  25. me n arris are about to fight
  26. who wanna play fortnite
  27. Just washed my car head to toe today
  28. How do people get sweaty, sticky shirts
  29. Predict how many goals I rip
  30. how muuch are shops going for>
  31. who wanna join stars w me?
  33. TG Group Casino meetup
  34. Devo Travis with a big HR
  35. i love finding myself
  36. Now that
  37. What colour eyes are best?
  38. I just worked all weekend on a file
  39. Stars support
  40. Welcome online

I keep on seeing blogs from SS12

May 6, 2018 by Tyler93
And then when I go to plus them, they disappear.
Why you keep deleting?


i've decided to stop giving the people what they want. They want to comment their opinions on my blogs, so i've decided to stop providing them the opportunity to comment
Sent by SmoothStalker12,May 6, 2018

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