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  1. does anyone buy accounts anymore
  2. hung n horny xd
  3. BB5Lover is a BULLY
  4. stars support !!!!!
  5. Disgusting,
  6. Cya next Thursday!
  7. What should I post in shops this week
  8. I dreamt of a tengageder last night
  9. Wow I’m moving on!
  10. Instant Bogo :)
  11. anyone wanna make a shops deal?
  12. Who’s someone with 0 gifts
  14. Anyone want a gift
  15. Anyone want to make a gift deal?
  16. looking for a new snapchat slave
  17. jerking my big fat monster cock
  18. who wants to make a shops deal x
  19. buy pls I’ll be your slave for life.....
  20. hey this is tig I can’t get to the phone right..
  22. Ugh I hate morning wood
  23. there's so much good music right now
  24. next person 2 buy
  25. instant bogo
  26. Instant bogo
  27. posted the rest
  28. next person 2 buy
  30. Ranking Riverdale Characters
  31. does anyone have design files anymore lmao
  32. Ranking guys i've hooked up with
  33. if my designs sell
  34. idk if anyone noticed
  35. gift giveaway from angel ahhhhhh
  36. Posted nude smile and raichu hoodie
  37. tag the hottest boy on right now
  38. buy designs for butt pics.......
  39. what should I post in shops
  40. I'm Disgusted


Mar 24, 2015 by Tigger
#2beastly you are literally one of the most disgusting individuals I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. The first time I ever heard your name was when you were blogging asking people to join my charity to ruin with you, and then you go on to deny everything. But then after I'm out, you start acting like a self-righteous douchebag who's ego is the size of Jupiter and you act like you just deserve to be handed the world on a silver platter because you ruined 1 charity.

You need to grow the fuck up and learn that the kind of attention you are so thirsty for isn't a good thing, and treat others with respect if you want to be respected back.


Awww wish you could both get along ]=
Sent by IceBeast,Mar 24, 2015
Sent by Number1SurvivorFan,Mar 24, 2015

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