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  1. join surivor
  2. im gona start a frookies would anybody join
  3. somebody ask me questions im bored
  4. can people tag me in things
  5. cody and jess won!!
  6. spam me whenever
  7. who do people think is gonna win amazing race
  8. Thanks so much
  9. spam me for anything
  10. pyn for a rate
  11. thanks so much
  12. good karen
  13. lookin for a boyfriend on here
  14. lookin for somebody to be besties with
  15. pm me for anything
  16. what is going on with Cbbus
  17. can somebody please gift me
  18. just got light green level
  19. im back from universal : )
  20. frookies?
  21. frookies?
  22. frookies?
  23. going to universal in two days
  24. hate spanish premades
  25. anybody wanna frookies
  26. i lost a best friend today
  27. 0 gifts : (
  28. gift me?
  29. does anybody want to frookies
  30. happy birthday my sister
  31. would anybody gift me
  32. try to get money please plus
  33. pyn and ill tell you what greek god you are
  34. why do people hate me?
  35. i have never been gifted
  36. im going to universal orlando
  37. i have a stupid math test tommorrow
  38. this is swimgirl
  39. what do you guys think of the CBBus cast?
  40. are they announcing the celebrity cast today

why are people talking about the holocaust

Jan 4, 2018 by Swimgirl


agreed, it's the past. we should just toss this conversation in the oven
Sent by Carsonl,Jan 4, 2018

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