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  1. Lolo was so mad
  2. My boy saving my boy
  3. I just came to say
  4. What if Trump
  5. I bet I could average
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  7. Thirteen
  8. You guys
  9. Look at this fighter
  10. "I'm an athletic threat"
  11. Ricky Williams
  12. If anyone that watches golf
  13. I'm such a huge fan
  14. Gay dudes are my bro's
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  17. Imagine if your dog
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  19. I told this dude earlier
  20. Pÿñ
  21. It's a fine day
  22. If Sansa got baked
  23. Imagine
  24. Who do you think
  25. Do you guys
  26. You
  27. This young man is a legend for this
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  29. I can do a real 2018 TG awards real quick
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  32. Who's in that 2015 class
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Cheers on 9 years Alicia 🍻

Feb 9, 2018 by Spicoli
image PrincessTeePee this day 9 years ago is when it all started. The tg birth of a true icon. I can't even imagine you as a noob but when I was one you were one of the users I respected and feared the most in crooks. I still remember the crooks way back in the day me and islandsurvivor gave you a 5th I think and we ended up winning, it was such a big deal to us at the time but if I could go back i'd backstab Bob for ya and we'd make f2. It's been a privilege getting to know you and play in these charities with you lately. I like to pick your brain and learn stuff, how to make me a better overall player. I really look up to ya. Stay awesome forever <3


This is the loveliest blog 💗 thank you so much! I remember that game and also the one you all thought you had me out early, but I had to conceal the fact I knew I was being vetoed by a friend for 23 hours (!)

Thanks for being a great friend recently, and I love playing with you - you’re so smart and thoughtful, and real.. you’re a joy to know! Game soon fo sho’! And I like that you can ask me questions just as I know I can to you.
#SayHiToBob 😄
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Feb 9, 2018
congrats on 9 princessteepee
and yeah i remember that game. It was one of my first crooks :)
Sent by islandsurvivor,Feb 9, 2018
Thank you islandsurvivor 💛 Hope you’re well!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Feb 9, 2018

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