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<3 Twilight Trailer and Spoof <3 Nov 11, 2008
Here is the official twilight trailer! yeeyah!

and heerrree is the spoof =] pretty freaking hilarious =D
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Oh God! Nov 6, 2008
imageI need moneys BADDDDDDD please please please if you have a heart, make a start and save those who need your help! like me biotches.
lol jk.
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LADY GAGA ROCKS!!! Oct 31, 2008
imageAll of Lady Gaga's songs:
Just Dance
Poker Face
Money Honey
I Like It Rough
The Fame
Paper Gangsta
Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
Brown Eyes
Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
Again Again
Dirty Ice Cream

As you can see I'm a Lady Gaga fanatic!!!!! SHE ROCKS!!!! lol
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Most Exciting Game for Me!!! lol Oct 28, 2008
Well i just got done with my third game and i go first (wasn't a surprise since i was the only one on half of the time and i was talking to myself a lot =]) I just wanted to post a little bit on the game.

Ok so to me this was the most exciting game for me since there was a lot of people who were really nice and we had A LOT of stuff in common =].

DirtyIceCream: Dirty is an awesome dude! Once me, him, TakinaWong (another girl in our game) were talking about what kind of music we liked and TakinaWong said, "I love Lady Gaga," we all freaked out on how much we loved her too. Dirty and I have lots of stuff in common and we talked a lot about random, silly stuff. I love you Dirty and I can't wait to play in another game with you!!!!!

KabirLovero: Kabir, another awesome guy =] We met the first time I came into the room, and immediately had one thing in common, we are both Italian. He was very sweet to me and we talked about a million and one times! Again, I can't wait to see if we are going to be in another game together.

Dev: I never really talked to you much before when the game wasn't really in play, but when we did start talking you seemed pretty awesome, and u were very sweet =] Hope to talk to you some time soon.

BidDogg: LOL!!! You were awesome! Very random and very conceited =D Loved talking with you, and of course sharing pictures with you =P can't wait to talk more.

TakinaWong: You popped in at random times just to say hello, and to see how everything was going on, but when you actually stayed to talk with me and dirtyicecream you were awesome =D Again, I never really talked with you much, but when you did talk it was always random or silly =].

Peenk: I LOVED YOUR BLOG! It was soooo true and it revealed a lot of truth to the people on Tengaged (even if the people werent so happy about it). You rock! and i hope to see you in some games in the future!

I would love to talk about the rest of the people, but I think I should leave one person's name unnamed =/ All im going to say is that i never really talked to this person until she started demanding pluses from everyone, then it didn't go very pretty at the end. oooppss =]

My experience with this game was awesome, and I love all of the people that were in it!!! If I could then I would play that game over again just to be with all of them.
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Oh Me Oh My! lolz Oct 21, 2008
Weeell I finished my first game a couple of days ago, and surprising enough I got first place!
I had fun with all of the people that were in my first game, and it was a great experience playing with them for the first time =]
I don't want to think that my game playing came all from me when it didn't. Yes, you may all know him, Chris99x is my brother and he helped me a little (not a whole lot) with playing the game. He explained to me how the game works, and what I am supposed to do to keep myself in the games.
So thank you to Chris99x, and to all the other people that I played with to make this game exciting and fun =]!!!
lol i am also looking forward to playing more games with you guys!
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