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  1. i cant believe people still take tg
  2. the amount of straight men
  3. to all you bitches in the HOF
  4. i want essays from these finalists
  5. the ratings of this stars
  6. Nommed for 10th in Stars (NSFW) (TEA)
  7. my thoughts on this stars
  8. the true tea...
  9. wow i got picked 4 da stars seat
  10. So glad crusty babeeidah is banned
  11. so do jury segments just not exist anymore
  12. i hope CBB is cancelled actually
  13. are we really not seeing
  14. Who tf
  15. Rockstar returns and wins
  16. thoughts on my avi girls
  17. all the women left in the game
  18. Breathin' is the best song
  19. Rockstar is my idol
  20. filter me if you're dragging Rockstar
  21. rockstar was pushed.
  22. idk how Angela was
  23. top 10 fucks i give
  24. TG is always fighting over SOMETHING
  25. Call Out My Name
  26. Rachel looks so much like Allison
  27. I'm really sad Kaitlyn lost.
  28. is a KPG of 1 bad LOL.
  29. Snake won HOH
  30. if you dont stan
  31. where the fuck
  33. kaitlyn snapped so hard
  34. Kaitlyn is legit my fave
  35. ew bye I hate Brett
  36. BLACKPINK snapped on SQUARE UP
  37. I Love Money being hosted now!
  38. you know what

you know what

Jun 4, 2018 by QueenMichelle
freeform can go jump off a BRIDGE.,

they're cancelling their literal best show aka shadowhunters, where 99% of their views come from. like sweetie, no one wants to watch this irrelevant ass PLL spin off, it''ll be there getting about 7 views while shadowhunters was out here with hundreds of thousands off views.

to say i am disgusted is an UNDERSTATEMENT. imagine freeform announcing the cancellation of shadowhunters during pride month? thats fucking HOMOPHOBIC and im not gonna sit here and take it. i just witnessed a hate crime & idk how to feel about this other than SHOCK.

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