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moriah’s diary

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★☆ AMI | AMIXOXI ☆★ Mar 27, 2024
for a gift from yonaka shop.
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★☆ JACE | VICEY ☆★ Mar 27, 2024
imageHello tengaged nice to see you :D , well firstly i would like to say that this has been one of my favorite and best games played. i have been fighting to make sure i don’t touch the block but today i fell short to the inevitable conclusion. I have been countered five [5] times, was told that im a “poll threat”, i feel as if i was given another chance to go back in i can change the trajectory of this game back into my hands and make the finals.

Ultimately, the decision of me staying or going is in your hands the public so im hoping that you all see how hard i been trying to stay in and give me a second chance.

GL Jharrin, if you wish to save me please click jharrin7887 ‘s  button here. [ ]
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★☆ CHARLIE | XCHARLIEX ☆★ Mar 22, 2024
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★☆ LAREW | ANDALAREW_2231 ☆★ Mar 18, 2024
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