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  1. We love losing a poll to the stars winner
  2. Rate my avi gogogo
  3. Stars support!
  4. Hi <3
  5. NBD BUT
  6. Need a group of friends
  7. Thanks 48.7 % </3
  8. Having my 21st bday party tonight
  9. SOS
  10. I am straight up not having a good time
  11. Save me in stars < 3 xox
  12. I hate this game of stars...PSA
  13. Hi someone talk to me < 3
  14. "I thought the news was for all of..
  15. mine too vvvv
  16. Most underrated artist of 2019?
  17. It’s time for America’s Vote
  18. who has the most T dollars in the world
  19. Who wants to be my friend
  20. + Ari, Lana, Miley
  21. Holly Allen 24 Wyoming
  22. Imagine Survivor being Parviti & Sandra
  23. Trend my name in this blog
  24. I can't wait for Christie
  25. Holly Allen 24 Wyoming VS Michie Mouse
  26. PYN for an avi rate
  27. Imagine if Nicole won final HOH
  28. Remember the good ol days
  29. Sandra and Boston Rob
  30. Good morning <3
  31. Nicole has no hope in a f3
  32. So they’re evicted tommy now?
  33. Tommy or Holly?
  34. Me @ the veto winner!
  35. is cliff going home
  36. Nick vs Christie
  37. So is Christie staying?
  38. Who is being evicted in BB
  39. BB21
  40. Why does America hate christie

Who’s being evicted tommroow!

Jul 10, 2019 by Nick24678


most likely kemi

she was almost saved because Bella told Sam about Gr8tful and that he was most likely going to get 9th and her 8th. So they decided to flip the house and evict Jessica because Kemi would most likely go after Jack/Jackson
so they gathered a bunch of people (Bella, nicole, sam, christie, cliff, Nick) to save Kemi and evict jessica. They were going to get Tommy's vote too when Christie went behind this groups back and told the other Gr8tful's what Bella, Sam and Nick were doing. So now the votes are still in favour of Kemi being evicted.
Sent by RandyBandy,Jul 10, 2019

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