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Mar 7, 2018 by Magix
I have wanted gifts since I first joined this site. It is hard for me to make money irl because my family isn't very wealthy and I have to help pay with everything. This site is basically my vacation spot from the outside world where I can meet people and play the games that I love. Lately I have went through a lot. (My house got flooded) and as some of you know there have been 2 deaths in my family in the past few months which is beyond horrifying for me. Not only that but we will be putting my cat down soon. I tried this "make me popular" thing and I realized that just isn't who I am. I was always taught to work hard to get something but at this point I have to help pay 10,000 for repairs to my house. I know this is kind of a stupid blog and I apologize if I am boring you but a gift would mean so much to me. I have gone through a lot lately and y'all have been my outlit and I could not be more grateful to have met everyone here. From now on I will just be myself because I just can't be someone I am not. I'm not trying to bribe you or pity you into getting me gifts, I am just explaining as to why I can't get T$ so from the bottom of my heart it would mean a lot if someone could gift me, and if you can't it would mean a lot if you could drop a comment or give this a + to at least give me a little bit of a boost. Thank you guys so much and I am so happy I am able to call you guys my friends. It means the world to me and if you do gift me, I will 100% make it up to you. Thank you SO much guys. Even if it isn't me, gifting puts a glimmer of hope in some people's lives and it means a lot more than you think. Thanks everyone SO much in advance and remember be you and sing your own song.


The thirst for gifts
Sent by Sloth_Roman,Mar 7, 2018
Sloth_Roman actually my house is filled with plenty of water so I am not thirsty!
Sent by Magix,Mar 7, 2018
Shut the fuck up Sloth_Roman
Sent by Aerodynamics,Mar 7, 2018
Aerodynamics <3
Sent by Magix,Mar 7, 2018
Sent by ItsAustin,Mar 7, 2018
ItsAustin I am flooded. I am an Oceanic queen
Sent by Magix,Mar 7, 2018
im very sorry for everything you are going through but i think ur priorities are in the wrong place... gifts are fun and i remember how excited i was to get my first one but its a very fleeting feeling and i dont think itll fix what ur feeling
Sent by mathboy9,Mar 7, 2018
mathboy9 ik that, it would make me happier I am saying. I brought up the flooding because I can't pay for myself due to major house repairs.
Sent by Magix,Mar 7, 2018
ya ts are never worth it to buy LOL its a complete waste of money. unfortunately i dont have any t but ill remember u when i do
Sent by mathboy9,Mar 7, 2018

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