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  1. Idk these people
  2. Okay, yeah I think Danni made a mistake...
  3. Being at one with nature is the most important..
  4. I love Jadis so much from The Chronicles of..
  5. I'm disgusted at how much racism I see daily..
  6. I'm kinda happy...
  7. (S40) My opinion on the Second Vote Off
  8. I know I'm gonna get hate for saying this
  9. #TheRobloxGang
  10. #TheRobloxGang
  11. Queen Bee is deffo Nicola Roberts
  12. I'm so excited for survivor tonight!!!
  13. This song was such a bop and it honestly was!!
  14. I love how idiots wanna act as if
  15. Can somebody create a Jadis from Narnia full..
  16. Why are people so obsessed with my life
  17. Ranking Survivor 40 Cast ( Just from who I..
  18. Tengaged used to be a safe outlet for me
  19. I have a feeling that... ( S40 )
  20. I'm disgusted re-watching this clip
  21. I just am not ready ...
  22. I can't wait to post my hair transformation when..
  23. This song is everything
  24. When I told ya'll I didn't have it...
  25. I've been going to the GYM recently a lot more and..
  26. Ranking my new top 10 LoL Champions of 2020!
  27. I honestly think Amber could do well...
  28. NikkieTutorials is such an inspiration to me...
  29. I think Winners at War ( SO EXCITED )
  30. I just slept for 16 hours...
  31. I hope The Circle UK will get renewed for S3 (..
  32. Sometimes anxiety can be a bitch
  33. Ranking my top 10 characters from the " Final..
  34. Heyyyyyy ❤️
  35. Even when things are hard try and remain positive..
  36. I wasn't even on skype call yesterday...
  37. People love bullying me
  38. Unpopular opinion
  39. Imagine saying Gervase from BvW
  40. Ranking the Vanuatu cast

People love bullying me

Dec 23, 2019 by LivvieBoo12
It's like a hobby for them.

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