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  1. Gotta love certain people who act like they're..
  2. Honestly I'm not shocked ...
  4. Honestly, this is one of the few things that has..
  5. Ofc the victim of the situation
  6. Nobody has done it as good as
  7. Unpopular opinion!
  8. I've never loved a fictional character more than
  9. No title
  10. You've gotta strut like you mean it xo
  11. Today was a rough day
  12. You do just that... it's perfect :)
  13. Do I join stars ...
  14. I can see why ppl don't like
  15. Me @ all the people in 100 days of voting
  16. The only time ppl msg me
  17. I'm dying watching this HELP...
  18. Whoever msgs me first gets my vote
  19. It's okay to be sad and upset everyone has bad..
  20. I know I'm ugly asf but always love yourself ..
  21. Can people stop lying about me and fuck off
  22. I love my beautiful sister so thankful for her..
  23. Guys I'm such a mean person
  24. I honestly don't get why people call me mean for
  25. If you had to pick a song
  26. Jsyk
  27. Ppl like her is the reason I still come on this..
  28. Only ugly people bring others down <3
  29. I love how people lie on my name... FUCK OFF!
  30. Does any tall people here
  31. Who cares about 100 days of voting
  32. Would Stephen have beaten
  33. Who remembers this BOP!
  34. Imagine coming for Grace who is literally a..
  35. Who added me on addmecontacts I stg
  36. Me @ the
  37. Thank you so much for the gift girlies xo
  38. I don't think Natalie White gets enough credit for..
  39. shoutout to being the only person to say..
  40. You really don't wanna continue and this is a..

Hey everyone xo

Nov 2, 2019 by LivvieBoo12
How are ya'll doing today?

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