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Pokemon's Next Top Model Ep13.

Nov 21, 2021 by LittleMix
Last week, the girls had to show that they can show opposites, some girls shined, unfortunately for ice head beauty Eiscue and feathered beauty Noctowl, they both struggled and were both sent home. 4 Pokemon remain, who will go home tonight on Pokemon's Next Top Model.


16th: Aerodactyl
15th: Togedemaru
14th: Corsola
13th: Morpeko
12th: Volcarona
11th: Scyther
10th: Lopunny
9th: Bellossom
8th: Roserade
7th: Mismagius
6th/5th: Eiscue
6th/5th: Noctowl

Hello! This week the girls had to take pictures with a blank canvas, no background! Let's see how they did!

Judging Panel:
somebodyawesome biminibonboulash eestrada17 littlemix

Xerneas, let's see your best shot!

Anthony: I LOVE THIS. This screams model. The angles, your lines, your execution. This is TOTALLY different from everything you've given us. Absolute icon

Jake: Xerneas you absolutely served this photoshoot. Every bit of this is incredible. Your body has NEVER looked this good in a picture. You made this photoshoot your bitch. Great job.

Pheromosa, let's see your best shot!

Erik: Pheromosa, I love the look and your hand positions are very model material. You look comfortable with yourself and what you present to the modeling world. I do wish you could've given us some more excitement though. Something a little more "action-y" idk.

Anthony: I'm not sure why I just can't really get behind this picture . I'm a little bored with the face and the pose isn't giving me much. It's giving more "take my picture by my locker" vibes

Ampharos, you're up!

Jake: Ugh. Ampharos I love you. I love what you have brought to this competition but this is just so... mediocre. At this point in the competition I just don't think this is enough. Your face is just a smile with no emotion behind it, your body is like, decent? but it's not really doing anything. You are getting carried in this picture by the hair, it's overpowering YOU.

Sim: definitely feel like you've relied on your mega version a lot lately, but also that's not a BAD thing like i love your glorious mane, but I feel like you're not doing as much as you could.

Mew, you're up!

Erik: Mew, I wish you looked better in this photo. This is giving me "cute" not model. The back is arching in a weird way and I know you could've given me better.

Sim: this hunch posture is kindaaa weird. like what's supposed to be a dynamic shot looks kinda off but i appreciate your face so!

4 beautiful girls stand before me but I only have 3 photos in my hands. These 3 pictures represent the 3 FINALISTS of this competition.

You all have come so far, and we are beyond proud of all of you. Now, as you know the first name I call is the best picture of the week and will be displayed at your home as digital art.

The first name I'm going to call is....
Xerneas. Congratulations, you are a FINALIST.

Runner-up for best picture is...
Pheromosa. Congrautlations, you are a finalist!

Will Mew and Ampharos please step forward?

I only have one photo in my hands, this photo represents the girl that will join Xerneas and Pheromosa as finalists. The name I do not call must return to your home, pack your belongings and go home.

Let's start with Ampharos.

You are ELECTRIC in some of your pictures. You have this power that none of the other girls have, you are fierce. However, the past couple of weeks you have strayed from what your power is. The judges are concerned that you have lost your spark.

Then we have Mew. This girl who was very middle of the road but the past few weeks has rose to the occasion and shown us, wow, she really can model. This week however, this photo is just not strong enough to stand against the other girls. The judges are worried that you have hit a wall, and we aren't sure you will be able to climb over it.

So who stays? The girl who might've lost her spark? Or the girl that hit a wall?

The last name I'm going to call is....

Ampharos. We believe that your spark is still there. Congratulations, you are a finalist.

Mew, you are outstanding, when you are there on set. You have to make sure you give everything to every picture because you have it. You are incredible Mew, thank you.



How do you find these pictures because they are so cool!
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