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The Mole Finale

Nov 12, 2022 by Kyanna9610
imageThe finale for my first season of The Mole is tomorrow. Big special thanks to everyone that played, and viewed this game!!! Our final 3 is:

AJ Borba Jetsrock12
CoCo CocoVanderbilt
Nolan Ahea7561

One of them will be the winner, and one of them will be revealed as The Mole. Good luck tomorrow agents!!!
Special shoutout to the entire cast:

Bobby Disneygeek
Cameron JonSnow000
Ethan gethann
Jack Jre777
James WitZ
Joshlyn JoshBB1999
Saturn Pekka
Tony Tonym101101
Tyler tyleror


Ik who my winner is
Sent by connorthomson,Nov 12, 2022
thanks so much for casting me <3
Sent by CocoVanderbilt,Nov 13, 2022
Well. I was robbed
Sent by Pekka,Nov 13, 2022

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