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  1. Trump supporters
  2. Only white people can be racist
  3. White people cause all the issues in this..
  4. if you are any of the following you're racist
  5. If you're white and you use the N word
  6. Tengaged would be a lot better
  7. Kill yourself racist
  8. So
  9. Ross is a racist piece of shit
  10. James only has fans cause he's white
  11. Ok bitch
  12. Jody are racist bullies
  13. Kailah is only hated
  14. Social justice warriors are the most woke people..
  15. if you bully people
  16. Listen here
  17. You're a disgusting and mean spirited bully
  18. If you're white
  19. If you don't like Kam
  20. Every white straight male
  21. If you believe in reverse racism
  22. Beware of these three white crackers
  23. Reverse Racism doesn't exist
  24. White straight males

If you don't like Kam

Feb 3, 2018 by JoanieS
You're racist. Melissa bullied Kam and came for her first out of racial motivation because Melissa is a racist ass bitch. Melissa is friends with all the white people in the house but hates all the women of color in the house. Racist freak glad she went home #Thechallenge


you can't be racist for not liking someone on a reality tv show.
Sent by Sparky4444,Feb 3, 2018
sparky4444 Name me one women of color on this season who Melissa didn't hate. That's right you cant cause she's racist and only has white friends. She is a bully and racist and i hope she never returns
Sent by JoanieS,Feb 3, 2018
umm maybe all the coloured people are just bitches?
Sent by Sloth_Roman,Feb 3, 2018
sloth_roman so you're saying only People of color are bitches and white people arent. Go away racist
Sent by JoanieS,Feb 3, 2018
joanieS I don'y watch that show. Yet, NOT supporting someone doesn't make you racist... it is a tv opinion.
Sent by Sparky4444,Feb 3, 2018
lmaoo no the coloured ppl in the challenge are bitches are you fucking backwards?
Sent by Sloth_Roman,Feb 3, 2018
Since when did Jemmye turn black you idiot lol
Sent by AshlynArehart,Feb 3, 2018

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