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  2. question
  3. happy birthday to me
  4. Feeds tonight
  5. I wonder what would happen
  6. Honestly I'm Angela Rachel and Kaycee
  7. Bayleigh is my new favorite
  8. Let鈥檚 talk about the real problem on Tengaged
  9. Remember that time
  10. If Sam uses her power
  11. Just saw the episode
  12. Imagine Haleigh
  13. BB - Eviction night should be amazing
  14. I鈥檓 still upset
  15. me @ eureka
  16. I can鈥檛 believe
  17. Haleigh Broucher
  18. RIP
  19. How RPDR Editors handled Frankie Grande
  20. The Correct Reaction to tonight's RPDR
  21. I haven鈥檛 been watching
  22. Daily reminder
  23. Does anyone else
  24. There is no gif more iconic
  25. I feel like no matter what I do
  26. I can't believe
  27. Metta is adorable
  28. CBB Prediction
  29. Is anyone else feel personally attacked
  30. Is anyone else
  31. me: looking at my phone
  32. How long do you think
  33. 馃憢HI 馃憢 IM 馃懚馃徎TIMMY TURNER馃懚馃徎, AND..
  34. Nothing triggers me more
  35. How has there never been
  36. Took cutie for a ride in my deathcab
  37. Merry Christmas 馃巹馃巵
  38. That commercial
  39. Honestly
  40. I鈥檓 completely convinced

If you combine our percentages

Jan 19, 2016 by JamesM
It's almost like we shared 1st jadennator1



Sent by jadennator1,Jan 20, 2016

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