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  2. Gift me male smile <3
  3. PYN and I'll tell you
  4. Glad I could be the creator
  5. hi bitch
  6. hi
  7. Who's from Florida?
  8. I HATE gift wrapping.
  9. Congrats on winning <3
  10. Fresh haircut
  11. ask
  12. why was there so many people missing
  13. Gab will always love me more <3
  14. I wish
  15. Hi I'm Guigi!
  16. You're my perfect match <3
  17. hi
  19. I don't like the fact
  20. Don't call me angel
  21. every time I try to study
  22. Hey hey
  23. Holaaa <3
  25. Should I do a 5k charity?
  26. Hello
  27. PYN and do the quiz
  28. PYN and I’ll msg you if I find you attractive
  29. Whoever gets the highest score
  30. How should I feel about this? ;p
  31. YOU'RE 6'2?
  32. Conasse
  33. Hey y'all <3
  34. Anyone that knows Jadine
  35. PYN and i'll match you with someone
  36. you realize you're on tg right?
  37. hi
  38. Got my Halloween costume on.
  39. I feel awful this morning
  40. Fake

i"m dying

Oct 22, 2019 by Guigi


from laughter or sadness or is your body failing u
i'm dying cos i have a migraine again ufdslfj
Sent by Kindred7,Oct 22, 2019
because my body is failing me kindred7 legit just napped for 3 hours unintentionaly because my body is so tired and isnt fed properly in this school year UGH
Sent by Guigi,Oct 22, 2019
oh wow Guigi i hope the nap at least made you feel better? although sometimes if i need to nap that much i find i'm even more tired lmao and damn why arent you eating well?
Sent by Kindred7,Oct 22, 2019

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