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  1. who should i vote for in stars to win?
  2. Do i have any friends on this site anymore?
  3. Missing
  4. its exhausting to flirt tbh
  5. rate my avi
  6. The Challenge Finale
  7. lowkey twinning with jess
  8. Isn't it the hottest thing
  9. Anyone I like online?
  10. i want gravy
  11. i have a boyfriend...
  12. Guys I think I'm in love for the first time
  13. Am i the only one that thinks
  14. fml
  15. Frooks or nah?
  16. Adriana Lima is a babe
  17. I HATE being sexualized all the time.
  18. Guys are pigs.
  19. Why is everyone freaking out about
  20. Thinking of leaving this site again.
  21. link to tonights episode?
  22. Do people still give their numbers to people
  23. Giving a lap dance for 100$
  24. Veronica from BBCAN6
  25. Should I go to the BBCAN7 casting calls?
  26. I played 666 games
  27. Can fuck boys just stay away from me?
  28. hey hey
  29. Is it
  30. Can someone gift me that Pepsi top
  31. Should I go back to Australia?
  32. This stranger made me sat on him at my bar
  33. Tired of being a hoe
  34. Gotta keep hustling ;(
  35. If a stranger offered you 100$
  36. I've broke 300th
  37. thank you loves xx
  38. Do people actually celebrate ThxGiving
  39. Who should I vote for in frooks?
  40. am i a slut

I Think I Have A Natural Talent

Sep 21, 2015 by Guigi
At Being Mean... :3


That's called a natural talent at being anti-social and wrong about everything
Sent by KevinLevi,Sep 21, 2015

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