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  1. Frooks with me?
  2. Who's here that I like?
  3. This host rigs all of his games for returness
  4. This host rigs all of his games for returness
  5. Who has Snap?
  6. Can People Join Frooks?!
  7. Frooks?
  8. Should I Apply?
  9. Wait?! No one wants to know what Island of..
  10. I Was Illegally On The Set Of Survivor 38!
  11. I'm Out Of Here.
  12. hey you
  13. Coming back to vote for my bestie in Stars xx
  14. I'm back. No one missed me
  15. Hola Que Tal?
  16. Join Frooks with moi :)
  17. Join Frooks with me :)
  18. Who's down for frooks?
  19. Wait you're back?
  20. Don't get your hopes too up bae
  21. I'm back! :)
  22. Summer in Tasmania
  23. Coming Back To Say
  24. Congrats Australia
  25. Save Parvati <3
  26. Melbourne Cup is fucked
  27. Stars Support <3
  28. Cute Halloween Animations 馃巸
  29. Who wants to be my teammate?
  30. Question
  31. Aussie Men Are Assholes
  32. Where did
  33. Who's doing the collage?
  34. Wait
  35. Are you here?
  36. When your friend sends you porn
  37. Imagine
  38. Me When I've Slept With
  39. You say good morning
  40. Joins Frooks!

I Think I Have A Natural Talent

Sep 21, 2015 by Guigi
At Being Mean... :3


That's called a natural talent at being anti-social and wrong about everything
Sent by KevinLevi,Sep 21, 2015

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