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Democrats Really are Useless

Mar 1, 2021 by FromMeToYou
You mean to tell me that you when you have control of Congress and the Presidency you can't get shit done, yet when Republicans are in the same position they can just ram through literally piece of deleterious legislation they want? Fuck off with that noise


They have a 50-50 split with Manchin voting with the GOP more often than not 馃槀 it鈥檚 not a straight majority like you think it is
Sent by Finnick,Mar 1, 2021
Nah this isn't really a numbers game. Democrats had the same excuse of "but Lieberman!" back in 2009 when they had a much larger majority than what they have now or what the Republicans had during Trump's first two years, so I don't think that argument has much weight from a historical standpoint Finnick
Sent by FromMeToYou,Mar 1, 2021

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