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  1. I get bullied everyday
  2. PYN for an opinion
  3. Can my blog get plussed too?
  4. Can I just be a Ghost writer?
  5. There’s a Skype game that’s about to start
  6. Hi
  7. No title
  8. Most of us are updating after lunch
  9. PYN
  10. Who do I talk to
  11. So glad I never did anything wrong
  12. Best hangover foods?
  13. I need T's to bet
  14. Can you please comment and plus?
  15. PYN
  16. Pokemon Showdown anyone?
  17. Why is HG so slow to fill these days?
  18. Who wants to play Pokemon Showdown?
  19. I need more friends on here
  20. Like my status
  21. Just noticed something
  22. Will having a girlfriend make me popular on here?
  23. Hey ya noobs
  24. Hi
  25. I can’t post this on Snapchat
  26. Also
  27. Had to log all the way back on
  28. Wow, I’m so inactive these days.
  29. I had my first car wreck tonight
  30. Rate my avi for a rate back?
  31. Short girls
  32. Um
  33. Pyn for my favorite memory of you :)
  34. Tag me in this for a group game!
  35. *Not Opening a shop with him
  36. Going to start spamming for myself
  37. Can you please plus and comment??
  38. Thanks for the birthday gift!
  39. Need new people to snap
  40. Rate my avi?


Jun 25, 2018 by Forest_Knight


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