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Happy 9 hours vote Sep 18, 2018
❤️💛🖤🧡💚💜💙😍😘😍😛😛😛💦💦🔥🔥🔥 violets
Points: 26 1 comments
DAILY REMINDER vote Sep 18, 2018
ADMIN PERM BANNED PETRO BASED ON FALSE AND INVALID PROOF. Someone claiming to be a person on a hacked account is NOT enough proof to ban the original user. Every hacker can now pretend to be people they hate on hacked accounts and get them permed.
Points: 64 2 comments
I spent over $800vote Sep 18, 2018
on clothes here in Dubai simply because there is only a 5% tax on clothing and not 13% like where I live. Plus better quality. But I spent a lot of the money I been keeping aside for future rents, so life is gonna suck when I go back to canada. Oh well, maybe my plane will crash on my way back.
Points: 49 6 comments
Most of the people vote Sep 18, 2018
happy about petro’s ban were the ones sucking his dick for gifts not too long ago. EL PICARD FAKE!
Points: 41 3 comments
Daily reminder vote Sep 18, 2018
that admin permed @petro based on unreliable proof of someone pretending to be him on a hacked account. Start pretending to be people you hate and get them permed!
Points: 77 3 comments
William Sep 8, 2018
Icebeast. They grow up so fast. You are one of the longest friends i have had on this site. I remember meeting you second year university in a frookies charity and now i'm graduating this year. You have always been by my side, especially this year during a lot of stressful moments, and vice versa. People are lucky to have a friend like you because you are very genuine, chill, and always trying to bring people up when they are down. So thanks for everything, i really appreciate it and will always consider you the long lost brother i always wanted.
Hope you have an amazing day and many more to come buddy <33.
PS: come to Canada already and make Zack, pat and I your famous cookies.

Below are some messages your friends wanted to leave you on this great day for you:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOST FAVORITE LIL EGG ROLL!!!!!! i think u said i wasnt allowed to call u that but fuq it ugh i love u so much and u deserve nothing less than the greatest day ever my lil babie ur the cutest out of the cuties i will admit it and i cant believe ur 28 #foreveryung :) <3333 - titoburitto

honestly when Ahmed sent me a message about writing a birthday message to WILLIAM, I was like wtf is this man on? My birthday isnt even on until September? But then I continued to read and it’s for my name twin WILL. I want to wish you the very best on this fine day. Thank you for always maintaining your class on this silly little site and you already know I have nothing but RESPECT for my fellow will. Love you tons and make sure to spend this day to the Max <33 - willie_

Happy birthday William - despite what you may have done w/ -you know who-, I am happy we got to meet thru my bf and hope u have a fabulous day bc u are fabulous~ - trust

happy bday you stupid asian asian fag! you're probs one of the most loyal people i have ever encountered on here and i'm so glad we have been friends for a long time. i know i can always trust you in games no matter what and i love that you're also the only person i can talk with about neopets on here and how you're always there to help your friends out whenever they need something. hope your day is wonderful because you truly deserve it. love ya! - petro

Happy bday Will ♥
Hope you get whatever/whoever whenever and wherever u want ! =]
Keep being the awesome guy u are ;)
Hope you have a great day, love u :] ♥ - aes222aes

WILL <3 u don’t snap me anymore LOL! Piece of shit! REGARDLESS I love you kiddo honestly most of my memories of us is me slaughtering u in group games but it’s okay cuz u forgive me each time and that’s basically our friendship. Happy birthday xx - alanb1

happy birthday will! hope u have a great day my boy <3 - darbe

WIll! I love you so much!! You are literally one of my best friends on and off this website. I remember when our friendship first blossomed in my first stars game!! We were really close. We talked on call almost every DC about life and the game. And ever since then, we have connected and been very close friends. Remember last year when you tutored me through calc 1? well calc 2 is around the corner, so get ready hoe! You are honestly so nice, genuine, and funny to talk with. As I drift closer and closer away from this site, I feel myself casually texting you about my life and advice about college. Thank you for always being there for me and have an amazing birthday!!!
PS: We need to link up and go soul searching for our future husbands xx

HAPPY BDAY BIG SQUILL! Hope u have a good day even though you always snake all the chats im in with you. Although that might be because Baza is also in them, so that’s fair enough. Hope all ur t dreams and wishes come true :))) - gigi10

Happy 24th birthday, Will <3 One thing I value most on this website is our friendship and as dramatic as it sounds, I really could not imagine life without you! We've been friends for almost 2 years and I don't know how I coped beforehand. I admire your attitude in regards to the fact that you don't take anything too seriously. You're willing to brush stuff aside to live your life without letting other people's judgments affect you. That is the type of outlook I strive for, and it's because of you. Thank you for letting me slit your throat in Suitman's Big Brother but still be there as a shoulder for me to cry on. Thanks for always trying to lift me up as much as words over the Internet don't really help. But it's the fact you care that helps me feel a little better. Have a great birthday <3 - patrick319


Happy Birthday William!!! We have been friends for YEARS and I can genuinely say you have always been so friendly and kind to me. I think you're very underrated on the site and deserve to be categorized in the "friendliest" group of TGers, you can take oliviaxoxo's spot in the club. Thank you for always helping me gift and not ask for anything in return (other than a few handys) and just always being there for me! I hopw you have a wonderful birthday and finally cut the toxic out of your life this year (ahmed)
- smoothstalker12

hbd Will
- Oysterman11

Happy Birthday William! I hope today you get so much cottage cheese stuffed in your mouth, if you know what I mean. Seriously though, I wish you a wonderful day with your family and friends because you deserve it and for every year youre turning today, another group game you'll lose in the next year to come aw! I've known you for a while now, and I can say youre one of my closest friends here that I admire immensely even tho I bully you everyday but you know thats how express my appreciation <3 thanks for being loyal and a genuinely nice dude all around bc its the type of ppl that is hard to find on a place like this and one of the things I wish to have from you is your temperament and your cooking skills omg.. even tho u have like rlly shitty taste in music???
Enjoy your 63rd birthday i hope you have enough candles for the cake <3 Love ya - seig

Happy Birthday William!!!!!! I love you so much! Hope you feel the MOST love today and wear your QWRS Crown with PRIDE! I’m so glad to have met and gotten close with you this past year.  Eat some cake for me! Smooches xo - allieboballie

Happy Birthday <3 We've been friends since I was a noob. I remember when I would call you like every minute 2 years ago to tell you EVERYTHING about my life. I know I can always trust you in games and with anything I tell you. Have fun, and enjoy it!  - ashleybabyx3
Points: 972 15 comments