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Ok so my blog got 100 points

Feb 11, 2013 by Donagal103
So now I've gotta reveal my biggest secret:
Here we go,I've never told anyone this before so this is big for me.
My biggest secret is my life story.WARNING THIS MAY BE SAD FOR SOME OF YOU!
When I was 9 my parents started abusing me. One time the abuse got so severe that I had to go to court to fight against my mom for the abuse.When I was 12 I tried drugs one night when I ran away from home.I almost died that night and overdosed on many many pills. I eventually stumbled my way back to my house and got the help I needed.When I was 13 I started cutting myself and got addicted to drugs. Today, I am 15 years olds and clean and not cutting myself anymore. This is because I became a Christian and God has blessed me with so much. The abuse has stopped and I have grown up so much. I know most of y'all on tengaged won't really care but I told y'all that I'd share my biggest secret if my blog got 100 points.This has taken a lot of courage to type.Please don't neg this for me having the courage to tell the truth. Also this is not to get attention I SWEAR!Thanks y'all for reading this:)
I hope this inspires some of you that no matter what your past does not matter. god can take you down a wonderful path and change your life forever if you give him the chance to!


This is so inspirational
Sent by mahogany,Feb 11, 2013
Thanks!! mahogany
Sent by Donagal103,Feb 11, 2013
God bless you!
Sent by JeanTheBean,Feb 11, 2013
Thanks!May God bless you too!
Sent by Donagal103,Feb 11, 2013
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Sent by kindlycruel1,Feb 11, 2013
yes god bless
Sent by legoking,Feb 11, 2013

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