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A better twist

Apr 14, 2019 by CiTy
for the edge of extinction would be.

All of the 5 evicted first should've gotten to challenge anybody of the same sex for there spot in the game.


Worst season of survivor ever tbh.
Sent by me2013,Apr 14, 2019
me2013 are you kidding? I think it's the best season of survivor yet...
Sent by CiTy,Apr 14, 2019
And everyone has the right to their opinion
Sent by me2013,Apr 14, 2019
me2013 it could've been better but I really like the twist of giving everyone a small chance at redemption
Sent by CiTy,Apr 14, 2019
I’d rather see redemption and make them fight to stay
Sent by me2013,Apr 14, 2019

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