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Survivor Episode 4 Chat

Oct 9, 2008 by Bowler23
imageWell im pretty happy with the result of the tribe switch, i assumed when they said all of the blondes would be against eachother that they would be on different tribes lol, it will be 5 against Ace and Sugar on the Fang tribe now, im really glad Kelly stayed and is working with Crystal, Ken, GC, and Matty! Things will get crazy with the immunity idol next time Fang is at tribal, i want Ace and Sugar out so bad but my 3 favs are Matty, Kelly, and Dan so 2 are on Fang so i think it would help if Fang won a few challenges


go Dan and Matty lol 2 favs =)
Sent by azn_dude89,Oct 9, 2008
lol people like dan and matty so do i
Sent by punx193,Oct 9, 2008
there the best

is it just me or do you guys find charlie annoying?
Sent by azn_dude89,Oct 9, 2008
good episdoe! i thought ken was a little show offy in this episdoe because he was safe by saying "im useing her for votes only" but yeah I agree they made the right choice in who the sent home to vote off and they need to watch out for Matty he seems to be ditching fong
Sent by cherry2009,Oct 9, 2008
i think charlie is annoying, i wish he was split up from Marcus, Matty did vote with them though, i wish he didnt warn Jacquie about her eviction
Sent by Bowler23,Oct 9, 2008
it's weird... I think Sugar is pretty cool. She's probably my favorite right now. Otherwise Marcus, Matty & Randy are the other people I dig.
Sent by vroomdeux,Oct 10, 2008

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