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  1. GL kings
  2. king...
  3. 7th rat96 6th hujain
  4. yesss nmh v rat96
  5. i dont understand
  6. No title
  7. hey
  8. ᴛʜʀᴇᴇ
  9. yuh yuh
  10. omg im in top 200 finally
  11. ++ xx
  12. ||||||
  13. please +
  14. how is everyoneee
  15. PYN :O
  16. hes a real person huh
  18. the light is coming
  19. coreyants is a pillow humper
  20. yo it’s tessa brooks
  21. 99 GIFTS BABY
  22. oh no vvvvv horrible winner
  23. anyone wanna call
  24. My fives
  25. anyone wanna play roblox survivor
  26. fuck you sameed 42
  27. whore
  28. This host rigs all of his games for returness
  30. tana tana tana
  31. too late to save, btw stop ignoring me ugly xxx..
  32. Comment one person you associate me with
  33. anyone wanna play roblox survivor
  34. sameed: do u have christmas in canada
  35. (in eastern standard time)
  36. Why does he have a different friend group every..
  37. can i win a stars too
  38. robbed :/
  39. Bid on Tasha!
  40. i love legends

you rly thought i would stop there.

Mar 14, 2019 by BigBrotherDonny
oh NO! NO.
it stopped at final 10
cuz everyone else is legit the SAME PERSON.
final 10 = same person.

first... monsterrua (ashley, sallysarah, 77weed77, gangster, codylewis, ursulasully, spotify, romeojuliet, julietromeo) (ashley, 77weed77, zzz, ursulasully, spotify, romeojuliet, julietromeo) (codylewis, ursulasully, julietromeo,zzz) (zzz, codylewis, ursulasully, romeojuliet, julietromeo) (yeni, ashley, sallysarah, gangster, zzz, ursulasully, spotify, romeojuliet, julietromeo)

now... CODYLEWIS (ashley, sallysarah, 77weed77, gangster, monsterrua, ursulasully, spotify, romeojuliet, julietromeo) (sallysarah, ursulasully) (yeni, sallysarah, gangster, ursula, spotify) (yeni, sallysarah, 77weed77, gangster, zzz) (julietromeo) (yeni, ashley, sallysarah, gangster, zzz) (gangster, zzz) (sallysarah) (sallysarah, gangster, zzz) (yeni, sallysarah, ashley, 77weed77, gangster, zzz) (monsterrua, ursulasully, julietromeo, zzz) (zzz, monsterrua, ursulasully, romeojuliet, julietromeo) (romeojuliet, julietromeo) (yeni, sallysarah, gangster)

this is my last blog about it.. for now..
PLEASE ban all the listed accounts, ty <3


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