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Trans people are funny

Mar 22, 2024 by Bernard_Sanders
Imagine being so mentally ill to be intolerant of your own kind like it鈥檚 either we accept all trans people or we don鈥檛 at all I hate trans people who think we should only tolerate passing trans people like it鈥檚 the most obnoxious arrogant self centered thing I鈥檝e ever heard of tbh


Oh, it was the mental illness? I always thought it was the strict policing of gender done by people with actual positions of power that caused trans individuals to feel that they need to exclude each other to make their own trans-ness valid.

It's good that we've figured out that they're just mentally ill and we shouldn't care
Sent by Absol,Mar 22, 2024
Absol the ones who say you have to be passing to do the things I do are mentally ill like that is so subjective and unfair personally I really don鈥檛 care it doesn鈥檛 affect me at all but the ones like Blair White are mentally ill yes
Sent by Bernard_Sanders,Mar 22, 2024

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