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good morning

8thMar 2, 2024 by BbDamian
I'm going to a Pro-Palestine protest this morning with this cute boy from Grindr that wanted to go on a date and some pals of mine. What do we all have planned for our Saturdays?


Is the date the protest or is that following?
Sent by sjsoccer88,Mar 2, 2024
not the stars support blog
Sent by BB5lover,Mar 2, 2024
You鈥檙e taking friends to a first date I-
Sent by Yonaka,Mar 2, 2024
following, I don't think a protest can be a date lol sjsoccer88
I don't think I'm joining tonight diva BB5lover
Sent by BbDamian,Mar 2, 2024
rest, prepare my classes for the week, study a little. Until last year I only taught History classes, this year I am teaching Geography, Geopolitics, philosophy and history, it is not easy to teach 36 classes a week.
Sent by BlueDragon,Mar 2, 2024
Have Fun Damian
Sent by BlueDragon,Mar 2, 2024
Damn sounds romantic
Sent by Bernard_Sanders,Mar 2, 2024
youre giving him hole at a protest?
Sent by ManniBoi,Mar 2, 2024

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