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  1. omg has anyone ever had this issue?
  2. Does Anyone On Here
  4. I joined this website about 10 years ago
  5. imagine paying 76 t's for stars nowadays
  6. No title
  7. Stars or nah?
  8. Whoever wrote the music for Victorious
  9. Time to join stars?
  10. is...this real?
  11. How would you want to win stars?
  12. is this the worst stars cast ever?
  13. you know its sad
  14. If you’re ever feeling bad about yourself
  15. STARS!???
  16. Gagaluv still posting ridiculous shit?
  17. this website is hilariously pathetic
  18. Stars!??
  19. whoever trends my name
  20. Blockhead still sucks as a person
  21. Also
  22. This is not Nicole’s fault
  23. I want BB to be cancelled next season
  24. Welp- I need advice
  25. how does anyone play the new comps
  26. aquamarine
  27. some of yall
  28. Does everyone in the house know
  29. Cliff's Angels
  30. PLZ plus this
  31. Ranking The Democratic Nominees (second debate)
  32. Uhhhhh
  33. The seasons been over for 4 weeks
  34. Y’all can keep hating the jackasses
  35. I’m waiting
  36. Stars?
  37. Tommy is honestly so bad
  38. I’m not kidding
  39. Do I join stars or nah
  40. BB Producers need to decide

How would you want to win stars?

Nov 3, 2019 by BB5lover
Seeing as stars does not matter anymore and the concept of strategy and public perception means virtually nothing nowadays, how would you want to win the game back in the day?

Say your popularity is fixed at "above-average", and the stars you are playing is in between 90-130

A.) Going un-nominated
B.) Being flavor'ed


Going unnommed for sure, but I mean back in those days a win was a win!
Sent by JetsRock12,Nov 3, 2019
jetsrock12 I feel as though those that went unnommed were more glorified than those that went up 3-5 times
Sent by BB5lover,Nov 3, 2019
Un-nominated for sure
Sent by Saftronbtr999,Nov 3, 2019
Unnommed fo sho
Sent by mastropola,Nov 3, 2019

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