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How would you want to win stars?

Nov 3, 2019 by BB5lover
Seeing as stars does not matter anymore and the concept of strategy and public perception means virtually nothing nowadays, how would you want to win the game back in the day?

Say your popularity is fixed at "above-average", and the stars you are playing is in between 90-130

A.) Going un-nominated
B.) Being flavor'ed


Going unnommed for sure, but I mean back in those days a win was a win!
Sent by JetsRock12,Nov 3, 2019
jetsrock12 I feel as though those that went unnommed were more glorified than those that went up 3-5 times
Sent by BB5lover,Nov 3, 2019
Un-nominated for sure
Sent by Saftronbtr999,Nov 3, 2019
Unnommed fo sho
Sent by mastropola,Nov 3, 2019

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