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Mar 9, 2019 by AronJX
SEEMS SO GOOD! I'm rooting for Eddie, Samantha and Kiera the most rn, but the cast seems so fricking good. I don't dislike anyone of them yet.



I disagree a bit, i do think it seems really good so far, but that 4 man alliance are all gross :/ Damien is boring, Dane is annoyingly obnoxious, Adam seems misogynistic. Mark does not seem bad though
Sent by adeleadele,Mar 9, 2019
adeleadele I'm not gonna say I like that alliance. Adam does seem a little meninist, that's true, but he's heally playing the game and I think he is really smart, and he doesn't seem excessively douchey, I'm actually interested in how he's gonna do. I think he is naive to think that alliance is going to be unbreakable though. And Dane is obnoxious but I found him kinda funny to be honest. Damien is probably the most boring of the whole cast but ugh, I think get the vibe he really wants to play despite of being a rookie.
Sent by AronJX,Mar 9, 2019
I’m here for someone else that isn’t against men! I’m rooting for Eddie and Damien and Maki maybe from the guys, Kiera and Stef from the girls at this point. Anything can change though. I do think the girls had an awful edit last week
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Mar 10, 2019

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