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I was hacked Nov 13, 2023
I joined a stars once and was hacked and just got my account back after over almost 3 years...
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Stars 608: F3! Jul 11, 2020
imageFirst I have to say thank you 47.6% & 49.1% for saving me in the polls for 13th & 11th. Never survived 2 polls in the game!

Well coming into this game I was quickly put into a false accusations of me joining with a premade, that was no where near true as I haven’t spoken to @MmababatlokoaMolefe & NotNicky333 in over a year and Mradamman12 in like 2/3 years and I haven’t even met Queenisha & Highnoon until this week. Every stars I play I just play the sheep role and just don’t care what placement I get, but something in me had the WILL AND FIRE to show that I would be a wonderful stars winner. I haven’t had the best luck when getting my sets thru but somehow I was lucky enough to not go back up when it came to single digits. I tried to please everyone each round but ultimately I was looking out for myself and who I think I would be a able to beat if I made it to where i am now.

Here are the reasons I believe I should be the winner of this stars
- I knew if I stayed loyal to the group above that I mentioned I would have a easy success rate of surviving polls, which I did for 13th

- Despite not ever being in the other sides chat I still had “some” of them willing to take me far into the game aka @xLoveWakizax , David2560 and FromAwindow before he got evicted

- Unlike my opponent 3pi14159 he literally spent like the last 3/4 dc trying to get #Meduncan up. Which I respect but if your gonna keep targeting the same person your bond to just keep going back up

- I know that keeping Meduncan unnomed was bad on my gameplay but it was also helpful as people was trying so hard to make sure nobody went unnomed that I got to escape the block to get here

Please vote me to win thank you
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