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  1. You THINK you know, but you have no idea.....
  2. You dont know my life
  3. I also wanna blog about it getting cold
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  6. I wanna announce that
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  9. Happy New Year!!!
  10. I dont know if anyone here still remembers me
  11. Is it still okay to whip my hair back n forth?
  12. Yay! I can see all folks who have gifted me!
  13. Dont make me close one more door
  14. Nature is buggin me today
  15. Enjoy smelling my poop BITCHES!
  16. I'm loving this webseries
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  18. Yea I still got that pic LiteCitrus
  19. I miss sokerdude7
  20. little debbie nutty bars
  21. started from the bottom
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  23. Can't wait to get some doughnuts tomorrow
  24. Okay so I left my frat
  25. i dont know what to blog
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  28. Won my first castings in over a year!
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  38. A Goodnight Tengaged Blog
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  40. Do people actually like fast food fish?

Nice crap ppl have said about me

Jul 6, 2011 by 2008girl
Tengagers Praise 2008girl:

<33 Jenani(my 1st Gift giver)
Special Shoutout to this castings game. I just about made friends with everyone in this game. It was hard evicting folks, very rare for me :)
By Jenny(JWOWW)J:
You are such an amazing girl jessica :) beautiful inside and out and you are witty, kind and a great person. I hope things go well for you <3 and good luck with college and stuff!
By da soo classy Diva1 <333:
We met in a Castings game and I loved your outlook from the first words you spoke in our game! I have been stalking all your blogs because they make me laugh and you have got the greatest sense of humor ever! When I get up in the middle of the night and can't sleep, I always look to see if you have posted something to make me laugh. You haven’t failed me yet!
By the lovely RobbieRIOT <333:
Jessica you I love spending time in games with you because you make everything so FUN. Honestly, you are destined for greatness on this website. I love helping you procrastinate and just need to remind you of one thing....Every Thug Needs A Lady <3
By my coochie sw33t <3333:
Jessicaaa. Hey gurl. Well, you and I talk day – to – day and I really love that. You are so smart, so funny, and so cute. You’re also one of the few black people to have won stars :P Which is an accomplishment considering half this site is full of racist fucks. You’re amazinggg. You’re random talks about your college life and our attacks on ryan for corsets and such always set me off in a good mood. Thanks for being there by my side you fat bitch.
By Brookie the slut Cookie <33
2008GIRL- OH MY GAWD. i had no idea who you were till about like final 7 in the stars you were in. i was like so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o happy you won! than i started to realize all your blogs. your like amazing LOL. and i definitely think your one of the coolest people on tengaged. and when i found out you were black irl i was like OMG KEWL! I KINDA LOOK UP TO YOU OK. i really wanna play a game with you really really soon because we need to build on our new friend ship! OK <3
By da lovely dreambabe01 <3:
2008girl/Jessica- I met you by reading your blogs and i thought you seemed like a really nice person. You eventually won tengaged’s next star and you were my biggest supporter! We have not gotten to play a game yet, but you seem super genuine and very nice! I cannot wait until we know each other better! You are a great supporter of me!
By ma man wiff class...Sass21 <3:
2008girl - Jess! I loved you the minute I met you in that Castings who knows how long ago. I always knew you would become a big name, and look at you now! Winning a Stars! Keep on going girl, you ain't done rocking this shit yet.
By ma man from da land down unda...Sash <3:
2008girl - The infamous creator of 'Every Thug Needs A Lady'.. i really dont know how we met lol. We plus each others blogs and you're incredibly nice, funny and most importantly.. genuine. You've just got that honest vibe about you whenever i speak to you (which is a lot less than it should be!). You're crazy well liked on here and its no surprise really. I'll make you a fresh set of pics if you want when you next join stars =)
By My Mystikal Brotha ;)...Danger <3:
2008girl- Ugh theres so many things I love about you.
1.You're black
2.You're black but you don't have a ghetto attitude which I LOVE about you. No one likes a black girl with an attitude..and if you bitches reading this think I'm racist then yall need 2 back up cuz I'm black myself.
3.You don't involve yourself into the petty e-drama on this site, which I can't help but respect :)
By dude who's so obsessed wiff me...MattyBB9 <3
2008girl—ummm I literally had no idea who you were until ron told me to support you in stars which you won. You’re like well liked by everyone and I love being obsessed with youu—not as much as you are with me though. Kty. You’re fun to talk to, but I honestly don’t think we’ve ever even joined a game together :O
By a classy woman....kelly_joanne <3
2008girl- You've been one of my idols for quite awhile. We haven't really talked, but you seem so sweet :) Your comments on my blogs always make me smile. You're so kind <3 Plus you can stand my dear brother Dino, which is sometimes a challenge! (Just kidding Dino, well kinda..:P Love ya <3)
2008girl: When I see chicken, koolaid or any type of sauce I think of you now :') :P You're so angelic and an overall beautiful person, inside and out <3 I love how you always comment on my blogs, and you've always been so comforting and motivating to me :') Ily girll.
By the lovely.....itsmejo <3
2008girl- omg i love you <3 we havent had a chance to play a game together yet but i think your great i love how your like my number one blog stalker and your just such a lovely person <3
By a classy woman...AntNikiaBonnie <3
2008girl- MY Soullllllllll sista <3 OMG, stars I wish we had talked right in the beginning because we became such great friends after stars, and I know that we would have worked so well together in that game. You deff are Miss Tengaged 2010, your personality is so effervescent. I’m sure you just light up a room everywhere you go. Thanks for the awesome support, comments, and everything else that you give me, I love you #likecrazy. Jess for President, keep being ghetto girl, I love it 4realz haha!
By a Ghetto Santa...........blogs <3
2008girl - i never knew who you were for ages, but everyone was talking about you, you are deff tengaged's 2010 girl, so quit living in the past. one of the only true ghetto girls on this site, you are well loved, funny, and cute, you are wanted by all the guys which makes me want you more, and we share a love for davidvegemite and diva1, who i both love
By A Guy with Yella Teeth ;)...sokerdude7 <3
2008girl - You are one of my favorite people on here! We met awhile ago in a casting and you stole my heart like you stole my keys <3 We talked for awhile and then I heard about the ETNAL competition and I knew I wanted in. Since then you have became one of my dearest friends and I love our talks about music and I know you love when I help you procrastinate. You are always there when I need help or when I need to vent about something. You taught me how to change the turkey water and I will forever be grateful. Keep being a luscious lady so I can keep being your sexy thug <3
By My Asian Sensation....EugeneMangos303
Jessica- MAMA ETNAL!!! You are one of the most classy and sassy girls I know on here. ALLLWAYS causing a rukus because the men have to turn their head so fast, cause they are stuck to your smile like glue. You have become the Kool Aid to my Toonie Tuesday KFC Special and I wouldnt be enjoying this experience as much with out you. The party don't stop till it's 2008 again! I lovee you Jess <3
By a guy who looks like PeptoBismol ;)..TheRealMessiah:
2008girl - Easily one of my closest friends on this site :), we used to do SOOO many games together... got 2nd to her in my first ever rookies, then proceeded to whoop her every other time ;) *getting cocky again*, we need to do more games together... drop the alliances for a game and do one :X, you've helped me so much on this site <3
By my Emotional Friend ;_;....Rhino
2008girl- Always there to make me laugh, even if Im the jokes ;D You are the one I talk to the most on tengaged and I enjoy our chats all the time. ;_; *Glares at Jess* From one of my first T-friends to one of my bffs :D *Has a surprise waiting for you for when I get around to it*
By my man who loves him some chocolate....SamMacTavish <3
2008girl - i finally got to meet you, and you were even more icredible than i thought!!! EVERYBODY loves you and thats cause you have the personality everyone wishes they had! :P It seems like you're the same online as  you are offline. You're genuine, you have depth.. you're just all-round amazing! Can't beleive i awkwardly confessed to you my love for black girls :x what can i say, you're easy to talk to :P
By the eggstravagant...Egaga <3:
Jess, we met in an awesome way; through blogs. Omg when I think about it now if we never fooled around on each other's blogs back then, where would I be now??? You mean a lot to me and yes, I have some temper issues and emmotional issues, but you are always up for a chat and it cheers me up every single time!! You also were the one who occasionally let me go into the ETNAL chat to talk, which was pretty cool! But now, thanks to your great friendship, I am now actually in ETNAL!! I love chatting and basically what I am trying to say is that your really really awesome :) Ily jess
By the oh so lovely....Chicaaaa <3
2008girl ~ gurrrrrl you're like the oprah of t/g. bloody loves you even tho we're just bloggot friends! you're a cool chick who is VERY WELL LIKED amongst fellow tengagers <3 i can only wish our paths cross sometime soon in games =]
By the sweet Aussie......nelson1987911 <3
   2008girl - Jessica! We played 2 old castings together but we did not talk much. Do you know that? lol I just love the fact that our friendship is not based on playing games, but just based on blogging. I love you to death you are the nicest person on earth and I appreciate every single comment you leave on my blog. You are just an angel on earth.
By the co founder of the 'Hate MattyGee CLub' ;D....dannyjr <3
2008girl 5 You skyrocketed up my friends list. YOU. ARE. AMAZING. I love chatting with you, your kind and funny. Your beautiful and you and I share the same passion, hating on mattygee... More important is our love for psychology <33 I know more fun times are ahead. ILY!!
By the Amazinnn.....TolisKalkas <3
2008girl - Jess. Gurlllllll... gurl. You are seriously angel. I have to say I'm really glad I mailed you complaining that I wanted to get to know you but Pepper isn't introducing us to each other way back in the fall. Although we only spoke a couple times between then and approximately 2 months ago, I always considered you someone special. This past month and half, haven't proven me wrong. You (along with John and Jonathan) have provided me with so much support over this time that I am truly lucky to consider you my friend. I've been an emotion wreck, I've been on Cloud 9, and I've been on the verge of drinking myself into oblivion and you have been there to support me. And as I have done 1000x and probably will do 1000x more sorry for being so intrusive at times and overwhelming but you seriously have provided me with so much support that I know I can count on you to be there for me. Jess, I truly love you!
Acronym for 2008girl
Jun 12, 2011 by Sunshine3
2 amazing
0 ugliness
0 fakeness
8 million beautiful parts about her
ily so much
By the Heavenly...Igoddess <3
2008girl - JESS!! GIRRLLL WHAT'S GOOD?! You are like Tengaged's sweetheart! ♥ I love ya to bits & love all yur support from during Stars to before the polls, and I love how we met before hand! I don't remeber how we met, but I remember mailing you for your skype adn we usually speak then, although.. I NEVER KNOW when you're online or just appearing as invisible girl!! You're down to earth to me, and just lovely! We have met recently though, but I feel like I know you somewhat well :D ♥


Sent by Amanyaman,Jul 6, 2011
i said something nice about you in my vlog. or wait, i might have juste been mean :X. ily though anyway <3
Sent by titan24maniac,Jul 6, 2011

You are lovely, hilarious and so bubbly. I love your blogs - particularly ones mocking sprtsgy! You are so generous too and I love the hair you gave me (I am not wearing it now as I am in a Castings, but will soon! <3
Sent by 75937563748,Jul 6, 2011
OMG!!! Jess you know I love you more than a new pair of shoes!!!  You're one of the sweetest, funniest,  most genuine, REAL people on this site!!! Tengaged is a better place for having you here , babe!!!  ... You're a true sweetheart, and some one I'm so glad to call a friend!!! ily, girl <33333333
Sent by Gemini,Jul 6, 2011

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