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Hello, my name is tomster980

Alright guys I have a long ass description so since this is important I will put it here. In my first rookies game I placed f5 but got totally screwed over. However idc I was a dick at the end but that game was great. Sometimes I got so caught up in the dame conversations I thought I was in a chat room. I have no idea how I made f5 since I was a dick at end but still I love all the people in that season. You can scroll down and read the tributes from Andrew Nile.

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Gaben is at E3, he is talking about Steam OS. A 3 appears on the screen behind him, everyone gets excited. Then an E appears next to the 3, everyone gets mad as Gaben leaves the stage with a troll face.

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Copy and pasted this cuz im in it
13th Evanester- once upon a time you were a complete asshole to Andrewnile41 in a fasting, Now Andrew evicted yo ass #GetTheFuckOuttaHere

12th mathboy9- i unfortunately never got to know you, but i hope all is well!

11th Arthan- You were clearly apart of a frat with 3 others in here. So myself, including allies, felt like we should target you guys. sorry.

10th Zobo- We had something on the go. We both agreed to start a alliance altho i wasn't willing to be loyal to it as i knew about your frat. i thought maybe by aligning with you, i would be safe if your frat came into power. other than that you seem super nice! kinda wish you were more responsive in conversation tho ;) hahah hope all is well

9th mitch- Much like i said about zobo, i agreed to work with you to keep me safe from your frat... sorry :P. but i can honestly say that you seem like a great guy! easy to talk to thats for sure. i feel bad that i never spoke with you more, but hopefully that will change for next time!

8th brandon- You were inactive, A LOT. Then out of no where you were like Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball spamming like crazy!. because of that i voted to evict you

7th speechless- First of all, you are a very nice person! my morning chat buddy! We had a alliance, but i also heard you had a alliance with almost everyone in here. And then after your HOH it appeared like you were lying about who you nommed, and just trying to cover it by blaming algo. which made me not wanna take you further because i was nervous you may backstab me in the future. I don't really know why, but there was something about you that wouldn't make me trust you 100 percent :/. So unfortunatly i did nominate you. which is kinda ironic because i blamed it on algo to spare your feelings and stay on your good side... i dont feel great about it but you were a huge contender in this game and i had to take you out :(

6th Jarrett- Man i'm sorry that i lied to you. much like what i did with speechless. i lied about nominating you to spare your feelings and stay on your good side. You were playing a GREAT game and unfortunately i wanted to increase my chances by trying to get you out. So myself, bam, and Brad conspired a plan to evict you and speechless. Altho we did it in a way that brad could give you his low. Hope there is no hard feelings because i think you are pretty great.

Tomster- you seem to be a funny guy, a bit shady, but funny! congrats on F5. Try to ease up on bambino. he never really did anything wrong. he was just playing a solid game!

TR1364- You getting pov has officially broken my final 3 alliance hahaha congrats man. hope for the best

Bambino! You totally deserved top 3! #Robbed I think you played a phenomenal game. If only you had spam more you may have won a hoh! but hey you did get a pov in there! :) nothing else i can really say other than you were a great ally and fun to talk too!

Brad- I hope our top finish doesn't tear us apart hahahaha we are both competitive! I freaking love working with you man! its always a great time. and we are always on the same page when it comes to game play. That undeniable trust with each other is our greatest weapon! may the best man win! winner gets a #Panookie ;)

To the entire cast! You guys were FUCKING amazing! Half of the time my spamming wasn't actually spamming! i completly forgot that we were playing a game and enjoyed the conversations! from Panookies, to sex noises, And to brad's boner hahahahaah. Its been unreal how much i actually enjoyed this game. I hope i come out and win because this is my first crookies! but i cannot downgrade my buddy brad here! he played equally as good and would deserve the win as much as myself! Give me your mailing address and i will ship panookies to everyone! :D

-Chef Andrew Nile #Game149655

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