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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Mr. Irrelivant

People who've confused me with @tadds: EVERYONE
You owe @lemonface 1 favor

Life's a Bitch ~ and so am I

425th TV star on 10/01/2014


2015 Valentine: JoJo7784
2016 Valentine: JBC8
2017 Valentine: Petro
2018 Valentine: MY IRL FIANCE SUCKAS
♣♠♥♦Crowned Tengaged's Funniest Game Player of 2013 ♦♥♠♣

OMG Tadd I had a blast playing with you man honestly your funny as hell and your a good ally
- Token

Stars 160
12th- jakel0vespicklerr / Tadd (jakel0vespicklerr56.7%)
10th- #Akomes (</3) / Tadd (Tadd57.3%)

Stars 263
Ily Jarst <3 Robert<3 Ollie<3
4th - jaaps101/Tadd (Tadd - 49.4%)
3rd place - 26.8%
2nd place - Jarst 29.1%
1St place - GothicZebra 44.0%

Stars 273
Nommed for 16th
SashaBaby2010 55.1%
Tadd 44.9%

Nommed for 13th
Bradyman7 49.8%
Tadd 50.2% :(evicted):

Stars 280
Nommed for 16th
YuNoLOVEME 41.8%
Tadd 58.2% :(evicted):

Stars 311
Nommed for 15th-
Tadd 38.3%
jamjars 61.7%

Nommed for 6th-
Tadd 51.9% (evicted :()
Mahalpin11 48.1%

Stars 317
Nommed for 4th- (UNNOMMED)
Tadd 50.9%
Lachie227 49.1%

Stars 323
Nommed for 16th-
Tadd 47.3%
TrollingPenguin 52.7%

Nommed for 9th-
LittleMix 45.7%
Tadd 54.3%

I got 13th with this lovely cast
loved them <3 :*
8 xp w/ knives
*loses in wof by 115 points*

I managed to pull off 7th place, but was robbed xx
Padfoot was shot dead by Tadd
0 XP and no weapons. lost because someone somehow got 1k points in numbers... w/ hunger time... WTF ... anyways

I was rocking this game then got 9th with 10 XP and 2 Maces
Elvira was shot dead by Tadd
jojo7784 was shot dead by Tadd
People feared me and they shot me out </3 now i know how it feels

Life on tengaged is so unfair...

Decisions was shot dead by Tadd (7/18/2018)


Winner's finishing stats ;
(2 kills)
Female - Victoria (Tadd) Age - 16
HP – 28 MS - 5 H&T - 100% DMG – 3 ELM – Blood
Items: Blood Orb(+2), 3 Wood Logs, 11 Matches
Area: 14
Element Abilities: Blood Sap(Lvl. 3), Blood Boil(Lvl. 2)

Fantasia- 14 years old, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

-----//-\\---- plz
----///-\\\----Put This
---|||---|||---On Your
---|||---|||---account If
----\\\-///----Care About
*Joins HG*
"I'm American"
*gets shot out by all the Brazilians for 30th place*
Gotta love tengaged!

Hardest, funnest game I have played in a long time. I usually have the luxury of being added to a chat. But because I joined late, I was talking to ONLY Scorch & PHS, and although even if one of them made F2, and you did aswell, it would be a very tough decision because you were an amazing player.

Thank you for the fun game!
Jake A.K.A. Ratchett

What should I do with all of these cucumbers????
~ shove them up your ass
~ Please, lead into this more
~ stuff them in andrews and tadds asshole
~ Compare them to ACTUALLY see if andrews dick is small... jk im andrew so i dont need to, um @tadds
~ Choke
~ Shove them up Tadd's ass one by one till he pukes salad.
~ put them on tadds eyes and give him a sexual massage

Funny comments in 2014:

Wow you have a gym and an office behind you
~Unkown on ASZ's vlog

@dmann i like you but honestly it is annoying to see your "parental comment" on every single controversial blog

I think Kez knows what she is doing. I don't see why she can't have a little fun like people want to have with her.
~ sjsoccer88
@sjsoccer88 you tell that passive aggressive drama queen.
~ Tengaged_Moderation

I am currently wearing a light blue bandana on my right pocket, which means I like to give blowjobs! :D
~ Insanity

On 10/11/2014, at 3:35 PM, Max (Panda13) wrote:
> hey tadd you can xodidg my dcivesx

Who wants to date?
@Meduncan does
@Tadd no I sure fucking don't bitch
[12:05:44 PM] CapguyLA: Wish I know what she said

Eh, this is an OK blog but it could use a little more....interest. I give you a C-.

Sent by McBenjamin,Apr 10, 2015
McBenjamin your life evaluation mark is a F because your Fucking Fail at life. Get off his blog & everyone elses because no one cares about the #BlogPolice you're so annoying!!!!!!!! Im annoying so i know what annoying is like & YOURE FUCKING ANNOYING!
Sent by dayum,Apr 10, 2015

Tadd was killed in a fight with Guigi

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