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Hello, my name is Aria #NineLivesAria

Mearl and Lifer's Survivor: Jurassic World (S2) 1st/20 (4 votes to win) vs Caliboy (2 votes) and Carraid73 (1 vote)
Winner of Blat's Hunger Games (W@W Victors)- Aria Ports
SG1's Survivor Mt. Sabyinyo: Loved Ones. 1st/28 ( 5 votes to win ) (Best Social Player, Player of the Season) vs AJlikes17 (2 votes and my loved one) and sdriver999 (0 votes)
JS21's Survivor Cagayan (S13) 1st/24 (4 votes to win + the 2 revotes to win) vs Millzipede (4 votes) and TheRenny (2 votes)
Winner of Red's Survivor: Revival (S11) (4 votes to win) vs ThePhenomenalOne (2 votes) and islandsurvivor (1 vote)
Blat's 75th Hunger Games: D4 Jaxxy Sports (captured by Capitol)
Winner of Survivor: Back to the Basics!
Winner of Blatastic's Hunger Games: 18th Season
Winner of Blatastic's Hunger Games: 42nd Season (Duos)
Winner of Blatastic's Hunger Games: World @ War- Aria, New Zealand
Winner of Rain's Big Brother Season 1
Winner of ItsSebastiann's Quick Random.Org Big Brother S1
Winner of Jordanxo's Survivor Hawaii Season 2
Winner of Blatastic's Big Brother 4 (5-3)
Winner of Tengaged's Top WWE Diva (Mickie James)
Emotions Survivor Amazon: 2nd/16 (3 votes to win - 4 TheChanelOberlin) (Player of the Season)
Mud's Survivor Blood vs Water - 2/20 (FTC with loved one @emotion) (Best pair) (most deserves second chance)
Sergeant & Jxhn's Survivor Mozambique: 2nd/18 (2 votes to win) (5(Talldude_1031)-2-1(JBC8))(Player of Season)
Sergeant's Survivor Cambodia (Second Chances): 2nd/21 (1 vote to win) (7(talldude_1031)-1(Sally212)-1) (Villain of the Season)
Tengaged's Big Brother- 2nd place
Emotion's Survivor All-Stars - 4th place and 8th jury member (2-2 lost FMC to _ivyyy_445) (villain of the season) (nominee for POS)
JoshJosh123's Survivor New Zealand: 4th place and 9th jury member
Smiley20's Survivor El Salvador: 4th Place and 7th jury memeber
Sergeant's Big Brother 1: 4th Place 1-0;6th jury member
Sergeant's Survivor Costa Rica: 5th/16 (4-1);5th jury member
Sergeant's Survivor Philippines: 5/18 (4-1);5th jury member
JS21's Nicaragua Second Chances- 5th/20 (3-2)- 7th Jury Member
ISS ALL-STARS (BRAIN vs BRAWN vs BEAUTY) (BEAUTY TRIBE) 6th/21 3-2*(0)-1; 6th jury member
BigBen's Survivor Nigeria: 6th/16; 4th jury member (4-1-1)
ISS- Nubian Desert (S7)- 9th/18 3-1-1-1;1st Jury member (All-Star)
Js21's Heroes vs. Villains Survivor: 13th/20 (4-1);2nd jury member (Villains)
BestHero vs ISS: 17th/26 (3-2-1) (ISS Tribe)(Worst tribe ever assembled) (untapped potential award) (most entertaining pre-merge castaway award)

From LEANNA: Let me just say it has been so much fun playing with you. I've done a user hosted game many times before and I have never just respected another player so much. Thank you - you're the model for the kind or player I want to be!

From robulusjgreisonne about SG1's Survivor Mt. Sabyinyo
HFS Aria fucking owned this game. I kind of realised at the FTC, but going back I see how much she did.

From Chastain in ISS ALL-STARS

Aria is Parvati:

And easily so. I really liked Aria. I knew she was out to get me and she pissed the hell out of me when she did because I was so intimidated by her the way others were of Parvati. Someone outside of this season once told me it’s against the forces of nature to vote Aria off and I came into this season not paying much attention but it was true. Like Parvati, it’s hard to take her out. You need a flip and an idol and a whole lot of scrambling. Aria played a smart game and a social game. She was honest and I have mad respect for that. She didn’t flip flop and she didn’t lie. She drew a line in the sand and stood on one side of it for the entire game. She was great at challenges, and she knew what to say to get you with her. She is a very charismatic leader who despite having villainess ways emerges as a hero because you can’t help but like her and root for her. Writing her name down twice was a compliment, and it would’ve been a third time had she been in this final tribal council.

From _ivyyy_445 in Emotion's Survivor All-Stars

7 - Aria - Parvati Shallow - You were constantly targeted but you always found a way to survive every single vote. You were a strategic boss and good in challenges. You were the Parvati of Micronesia in Amazon, and you are the Parvati of HvV in this season. You always find a way to survive, I swear xD!!

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