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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is lala_2500

The amazing people I have met on here and the wonderful things they have said about me <333
ily all!

lala =D I love you soo much, you are one of my best friends on this website =D I will never forget when we first met & it was definately destiny that bought us together =D Thank you for being a true, real, funny, helpful friend =D Nobody could every replace you & I hope we stay friends for a very long time =) P.s I love ur stories about ur little girls as well =) (conor)

Becca, you are seriously one of the nicest & most lovably person on the site :) you always put a smile on my face whenever I talk to you :) we need to talk more often tho =O (kiren)

Olive Juice and Amish Shoe!!! (tomhartnell)

Like- You are just the sweetest lil thang I have ever come across! You don't have a bad bone in your body haha.. you are always so kind and nice and sweet.. I need to hear your sexy australian accent!
Dislike- We barely ever speak that much.. we are never online at the same time. ;( (Sam)

My Games 63 games played

16 Dec, 12
23 Nov, 12
21 Nov, 12
2 Nov, 12
1 Nov, 12
15 Oct, 12
10 Oct, 12

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