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Hello, my name is I WILL NEG YOUR SPAM

- itsmejo: You're the little sister I always wanted to torture. I talk to you pretty much more than anyone else when you're online. I love correcting your horrible british ways with the correct and amazing american way. No one makes me laugh like you do and to be honest you're one of the most fun players on this website. I trust you more than anyone else on this site, you are a great player and you're an amazing friend. I never thought I could meet someone like you in a shitty ass horrid slow game but it happened and you're one of my best friends because of it. DESPITE WHAT YOU MIGHT THINK RIGHT NOW, I will always be there for you if you need someone in a game or if you need someone to talk to even though I can't understand anything you fucking say because you're a popcorn. We have had moments where I have never laughed so fucking hard before. I think anyone who gives you a chance will realize how amazing you are and you're one of those friendships that I absolutely cherish and I hope we have many more months of laughs, leafs, and toads. If you ever need some black chocolate, you know where to find me. - Hash

Johneh is my sex.

itsmejo I love you so much. You're like the non-male of me, 'cept you're a lot nicer. ;) Not only have I has the pleasure of meeting you twice, I've also been your 'boyf' and 'bbyboy' like 16 times. You're my final 2, forever, I completely trust you, I'd NEVER say a bad thing about you... you play the social whilst I do the strategy hunny! ;) It's you, JO. xxxxxx -Johneh

[21:44:10] chicken nugget: I love your bwub bwub
[21:45:20] Jo: I love your fuh fuh

[22:59:48] Broncman: ho is amazing at guitar
[22:59:52] Jenn: ho?
[22:59:59] Broncman: jo
[23:00:00] Jenn: thats no way to talk to jo
[23:00:08] Jenn: shes classy

skype: itsmejo4

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