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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is king dubstar

I am a noob

You also can call me: my lord, king, king dub, king dubby or something that makes me feel superior. If you call me another thing and I don't answer try again honey.

This is me: --> By: Suzycroatia

@Tengaged_moderation is my girlfriend but I will support anyone who go against them just to feel that sexual tension. ily baby

Stars 262
Nommed for 16th lost damo1990 63.4 to 36.6

Stars 292
Nommed for 6th lost shawnpat7 51.7 to 48.3

Aimers: " I joined that first survivor in hopes of getting 3-4 merges with the legendary Dubstar". Dubstar My favorite memory with you is when you coached me through survivor and gave me the confidence to start this giant merge streak with you. You're one of my tengaged role models and even if sometimes you do things that don't always make sense for me survivor wise, you never cease to be a great friend and some I really enjoy talking to!

Damo1990: Dubstar < 3 You make me smile and laugh all the time. We go on call a lot and we have a really great friendship. Love you lots < 3

Phenomanimal: UGH DUBBY, you're one of my favorite people on here :D P.S. I'm still doing it omg stop =[[[ < 3

jamjars: mucho caliente y guapo

Electraviv: Dubby! I'm so glad I've gotten to know you. I thought you were just a robot that slayed comps, but you are actually a hella cute spanish guy with a hilarious personality.
You are like my older brother on TG, you took me under your wing and we made a great friendship out of almost nothing. You are way cuter than 99% of people on TG yet you are still so humble and nice to everybody no matter what. You are truly King. You have stood up for me even when nobody else would and I know i'll still keep in touch with you on kik ilysm seriously you're the best ever

Milkisgood: Out of everyone from the .es website, you seem to be the only one who actively tries to blend in and make friends with the .com website which is good, because the other two websites always peg us as racist and think they're better than everyone on .com for some reason. You seem to be nice enough and even though you get some hate from a few .com people I think in general most people here like you rather than hate you.

dubstar - You are amazing. You are an amazing person and a great friend.

Signs: fredcrugar:

My Games 237 games played

20 Jan, 18
8 Dec, 16
12 Mar, 16
29 Jul, 15
24 Jul, 15
19 Jul, 15
13 Jul, 15

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