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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is oh please help!! im stuck in the brambles!!!

❝i'm BONDING WITH YOU. HEY. COME ON. we're CONNECTED.❞ - symmetry888 probably

yellow → may 03 2014
orange → august 10 2015
light green → august 26 2015
green → december 19 2015
blue → february 13 2016
purple → april 16 2017
red → may 14 2017
brown → february 6 2020



rp characters:

madison "maddie" barnett
village of death

mallory "mal" mackenzie┇fc: karen gillan┇noah ♡
hotel of blood

viola collins┇fc: freya mavor
the island 1 → 2

ridley becker┇fc: hayley williams
the island 1

owen embry┇fc: daniel hamaj ┇bridgette ♡
survival of the fittest: bloody beach

olivia embry┇fc: emily rudd
survival of the fittest: bloody beach

nolan weaver┇fc: lucky blue smith┇florence ♡
dark days 8: sanitarium → 9: death row

jude benson┇fc: jordan fisher┇chloe ♡
blood in the night: hotel hell

denver cornell┇fc: mikko puttonen
hollywood university 1 → 2

bentley cornell┇fc: piotr wasilewski┇river ♡
hollywood university 1 → 2

cara barker┇fc: mckenzie small
hollywood university 1

libby beckett┇fc: lights poxleitner-bokan
the dark ones: story 1

ace o'donnell┇fc: daniel howell
horror story: halloween

elias alarick edward bertrand hulbart eberhardt leclercq-baert viii┇ultimate prince
once upon a massacre

frankie diaz┇fc: london zhiloh
hollywood university 2

jillian davies┇fc: samantha ravndahl
murder files case 1

kendrick locke┇fc: reece king┇pepper ♡
murder files case 1

tabitha jennings┇ultimate failure┇alice...? ♡
danganronpa 2: revenge of tiny town → 3: tiny town remastered → 8: the end

isaac young┇ultimate florist
danganronpa 3: tiny town remastered

ava mancheski┇fc: zella day
dark days the return 1: swamp country

finn hansen┇ultimate voice actor
danganronpa 5: heroes vs villains → 7: resurrection → 8: the end

landon howell┇fc: anton lisin
dark days the return 2: devil within

dustin bale┇fc: alex arnold┇jason even if jordan denies it ♡
the killing hour

kendall delyon┇fc: lianne la havas
dark days the return 3: bright lights

jin funai┇ultimate rebel
rota fortunae: nautical nightmare

stella jensen┇ultimate traceur
rota fortunae: nautical nightmare

callum himura┇ultimate soap carver
danganronpa 9: chaos town

jesse "wild buckin' jesse" jeffreys┇ultimate cowboy
rota fortunae: prehistoric paradise

penelope pickler┇ultimate drama queen
rota fortunae: prehistoric paradise

lincoln provolone┇ultimate pizza delivery boy
danganronpa: back to the past (80s)

robert "blobby" nadeau┇ultimate blobfish advocate┇rose ♡
danganronpa: alternative program

chad jefferson┇fc: jedidiah goodacre
eclipse 2

naomi rhinehart┇fc: lyrica okano┇ olga ♡
the orphans

rin tatsumi┇ultimate dumpster diver fashionista┇arabella ♡
danganronpa: back to the past (90s)

winnie thompson┇ultimate bear tamer┇mason ♡
danganronpa 10: winter town

hannah henderson┇ultimate girl scout
rota fortunae: cosmic calamity

stephanie "stevie" stefani┇ultimate minecraft streamer
rota fortunae: cosmic calamity

dinah willhougby┇fc: sofia carson

jayden "jay" garcia┇fc: rob raco
degrassi: new start

kate murphy/overload┇fc: abigail cowen
super (quick rp)

gabriel "gabe" bouchard┇fc: brandon flynn┇victoria ♡
bad moon rising

joseph "joey" hawke┇fc: gregg sulkin┇brennan ♡
horror 101: a nightmare on elm street


aaaaaa gift list thing

1) symmetry888 i guess
2) no one else leave me alone
3) seriously leave me alone pls


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