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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Netflix and don't touch me

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have hosted~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Big Brother 1
Big Brother 2
Big Brother 3
Big Brother 4
Big Brother 5
Big Brother 6
Big Brother 7
Big Brother 8
Big Brother 9
The Amazing Race
The Amazing Race 2
The Divide
Death Match
The Hunger Games (76 seasons) (go District 6!)
the Hunger Games Rebellion
The Hunger Games Victors Game
The Hunger Games: World At War (25 seasons)
The Revolution
The Trial (2 seasons)
The Final Hunger Games
Annual Hunger Games (Reboot) (2 seasons)
Life Or Death
The Colony
City Of The Dead 1
City Of The Dead 2
City Of The Dead 3
City Of The Dead 4
City Of The Dead 5
City Of The Dead 6
City Of The Dead 7
Jewel Of The Sea
Harper's Island
The Hidden
Nerve (2 seasons)
The Purge (5 seasons)
Monster Inside
Saw 1
Saw 2
Killing Floor
War Of The Worlds
Would You Rather (3 seasons)
Clandestine 2
Clandestine 3
Clandestine 4
Series One (Half finished)
The Death Games
The Human Race
Game Show
Hide and Seek

City Of The Dead
Jewel Of The Sea
Killing Floor
Series One
The Trial
The Death Games
Death Match
The Colony
The Hidden
Monster Inside
Game Show

Total number of seasons I hosted: 172

*****Currently 2nd place holder of most games hosted******

First place - Jubbzy at 184

Made my first group on December 27th, 2011

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hunger Games Stuff~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Biggest Arena (171 Areas)
Longest Game (20 Days)
Most Tributes (72 Tributes)
Introduced "Sleep Kills" to the Hunger Games groups
Won Best RPG TOGA for December 2012
Nominated for Best Overall Group TOGA for December 2012
Nominated for Best Original Concept TOGA for December 2012

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Groups won~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Leolions 1st Annual Hunger Games (5 kills)
Pieguy's 1st Annual Hunger Games (7 kills)
Flamergamer's Hunger Games (5 kills)
Flamergamer's part 7 hunger games (4 kills)
Ruefan's 1st Annual Hunger Games (5 kills)
Survivorfan007's 1st Annual Hunger Games (10 kills)
Neme81's 1st Annual Hunger Games (5 kills)
Stunzer's 5th Annual Hunger Games (2 kills)
Deathisgreat's 1st Annual Hunger Games (6 kills)
Espontaneo's 2nd Annual Hunger Games (3 kills)
Billybo1000's 3rd Annual Hunger Games (10 kills)
Espontaneo's 1st Annual Hunger Games (10 kill)
Kgunzrok's 1st Annual Hunger Games (5 kills)
Cromatique's stars
Cromatique's stars All-stars
Verihaze's Hotel season 12
Bdreezy's Total Drama Island
LaurenJade's Platinum Big Brother 3
Kenu's Dark Days Winter Wonderland
Kenu's Dark Days Paradise Cove
Kenu's Dark Days Falling Stars
Tuter32's Survivor: Angolia

Hunger Games group win score - 13/3

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Other Group Games~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Verihaze's Hotel Season 11 - 2nd
Kaseyhope101's Big Brother 1 - 2nd
SilentSwordsMan's Big Brother 1 - 2nd
LUPIE's Big Brother 3 - 2nd
Leolion's 2nd Hunger Games - 2nd
Kgunzrok's 3rd Hunger Games - 3rd
Stunzer's Hunger Games - 3rd
LUPIE's Big Brother All-Stars - 5th
Cmack's Survivor 46 - 5th
I_Pulldastrings 1st Big Brother - 6th
Gaiaphages Survivor 34 - 6th
Joey's Big Brother 2 - 7th
Libanz's Big Brother 9 - 7th
Youndandreckless Survivor: Nubian Desert - 8th
Gaiaphagee's Survivor 40: Challengers VS Champions - 10th
Gaiaphages Survivor 35: All-Stars - 11th
Platinum Big Brother All-Stars - 11th
Wannabefriend's Ultimate Stars 11 - 12th
Libanz's Big Brother 10: Fans VS Favs - 13th

**Incomplete** Island of Champions 2: The next Gen. Made it to final 13/100 but game got discontinued.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`Group accomplishments~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Creator of the Breakfast Club Alliance (Platinum BB)
Most kills in one game (Hunger Games)
Most AP and ST ever (Billy's Hunger Games)
3 time returnee in various BB games
Player of the season award (Gaiaphage's Survivor 34)
Known as the "Redemption island king" winning the most competition on redemption island (Tuter32's Survivor: All-stars)
First killer to get away on Kenu's Dark Days (Falling Stars)
America's Favourite Player (Kaseyhope101's Big Brother 1)
Player of the Season (SilentSwordsMan's Big Brother 1)
Won most Iconic moment (Ultimate Stars 11)
Won Most Robbed Award (Ultimate Stars 11)
Won Best DR Confessionals Award (Ultimate Stars 11)


CarlyJordan's Stardom Season 19.

I joined: September, 16, 2011
Got Yellow: September 25, 2011
Got Orange: February 9, 2012
Got Light Green: May 20, 2012
Got Dark Green: June 7, 2013
Got Blue: July 19th, 2013
Got Purple: April 25th, 2014
Got Red: April 25th, 2014
Got Brown: November 1st, 2015
Got Black: December 1st, 2015

My Games 364 games played

22 Aug, 18
22 Aug, 18
8 Jan, 18
11 Nov, 16
9 Nov, 16
8 Sep, 16
7 Sep, 16

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