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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Mary

''Je t'aime plus qu'hier , mais moins que demain''

\¸ ♥♥Mary♥♥
/ \
By Samhuss:
My bestie and my everything :) knowing you and then getting to know you better and becoming closer to you is one of the highlights for me in TG :) you are such an extremely loving and caring person that I am grateful for having as a friend :) I love you and I will always do ♥♥♥♥

Loves my Hussy :)

Mike / RitaBlankets: LOL you should ;D
Mike / RitaBlankets: It's not just anyone who gets one of my pancakes named after them! :P
Mike / RitaBlankets: Of course, then I might be sitting there thinking, "Oh shit, I'm eating Mary", but I'll get over it.
Mike / RitaBlankets: lmao xD


from Keyston 3 min ago
█▄░▄█ ▄▀▄ █▀▀▄ ▀▄░▄▀░░░░▀ ▄▀▄
█░█░█ █▀█ █▐█▀ ░░█░░░░▄░█ █░█
▀░░░▀ ▀░▀ ▀░▀▀ ░░▀░░░░▀▀▀ ░▀░

by TaySwifCarrUnd33 1 min ago
Betty Rubble is da best
Betty Rubble puts tommy to da test
Tommy wishes he was as cool as Betty
but Tommy is just to overly petty
Betty should save Tay
or else tommy wont wake up till May

by Keyston 1 min ago
Betty Rubble, I met today
and to her I shall say
I love you dearly, this is true
No matter what Mikes says about you

You are a sweet and lovely dear
Who has such strength and lacks fear
A marvelous creature, you're so fly
Please don't nominate me, or I'll cry


Sep 29, 2011 by Harley
IFLY! YOu complete me HAHAHAHA

now lets orgy

Love you too Harley!

My poem from Fritzyyyyy

Detective Betty Rubble, so very sharp
She smells something fishy, is it a carp?
She knows you've got keys, don't even lie
Eyes behind her head, everywhere, an eye
You need 20 apples? The wrong way that rubs
Deceive her and you go down, down like the Cubs.


You had my back since day 1 and I love that you are a caring genirous person and I will never forget you. You are one tough competitor and I know that I will see you in the hall of fame one day. Gl Betty and I seriously hope you stay over me in our castings. I love your spirit and your attitude toward Fritzy. Love North!

By: TYCOON1234:
GURL! U R SOOOOOO AMAZING AND NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol u r one of the most funny people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when u joined with me and harley there was no question u were coming to the final 3 with us. you are very warm! i hope we can play together again in the future!

Hi Im Harley
Oct 18, 2011 by Harley
And i love bettyrubbble to the moon and back and then some cos she is too awesome to put into words (even though she steals my keys :P)


By: JoshGotti:
Mary (Betty) ILY Most of All - BEST Alliance member ever who stays true :D You got a strong head on your shoulders and glad you came to play - ILY and hope we keep playing most of all your so sweet and I♥Y always :D

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