Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Vince S.

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Group Game Placings
kyledd's Big Brother Diamonds 4: 9th Place and 1st Jury Member
Leoma_Agent0's American Idol Season 1: 8th Place
Monamania's The X Factor Season 1: 6th Place(Adele)
RSF Season 18: The Mole 3: 1st Place
Rage Season 4: 5th Place
ItsSebastiann's American Idol: 6th Place
RSF Season 19: Fresh Meat 2: 4th Place(Team Yellow with nbkiller)
Brog17's X Factor USA: Judge/Mentor(Season 1-2)
RSF Season 20: A Coach's Game: 6th Place(Team Sponge with BOBROCKS333 as Coach)
Jacob_C's The Mole: 4th Place
Katia929's Tengaged Idol: 8th Place
Brog17's X Factor USA Season 3: Eliminated at Judges House(Team Brogs17)(Adele)
Ultimate Idol Season 1: 10th Place(Carrie Underwood)
Lifer's 100 to 1: 71st Place
Gaiaphage's Hunger Games 1: 23rd Place
TTRS 15: Battle Of The Seasons: 9th Place(Team NXT Generation)
Cray's Idol Season 6: 21st Place
Ultimate Voice Season 1: Eliminated At Knockouts(Cascada)
Blake's Big Brother 1: 8th Place
TTRS 17: The Hunger Games: 18th Place(District 9)
Treyhurt13's Whodunnit?: 6th Place
WitZ's Whodunnit?: The Killer
Our Sound 1: Juror
Our Sound 2: 3rd Place (Margaret Berger-"I Feed You My Love"
Our Sound 3: 1st Place (Loreen-"Euphoria")
Our Sound 4: 13th and 17th Place (AySel&Arash-"Always", Safura-"Drip Drop")
Our Sound 5: 4th Place and 10th Place(Celine Dion&Peabo Bryson-"Beauty And The Beast", Christina Aguilera-"Reflection")
Our Sound 6: 12th Place and 16th Place(Iris-"Would You?", Sabina Babayeva-"When The Music Dies")
Our Sound 7: 2nd and 5th Place(Cascada-"Everytime We Touch", Blue-"I Can")
Our Sound 8: 3rd and 12th Place(Sirusho- "PreGomesh", Patricia Kaas- "Et s'il fallait le faire")
Cray's Idol Season 8: Top 18
RSF GEN 2, Season 1 Pirate Master: 5th Place
TRGG Season 5: The Mole: 7th Place
Group Games That I Host:
bbfan21's The Mole Season 1: Winner DDJOT98(Mole mjpj189)(Runner-Up Jacob_C)
bbfan21's Whodunnit?: Winner: jojo7784(Killer: Jayhawk123)(Runner-Up: wwxcrunner1)

My Games 132 games played

25 Feb, 17
15 Feb, 17
17 Oct, 16
8 Oct, 16
9 Jul, 16
2 Apr, 16
28 Aug, 15

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