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Hello, my name is Natalie Nunn, James Maslow, Janelle Pierzina, Jun Song, and Tiffany Pollard

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Hunger Kills
savannah19 was shot dead by Aerodynamics
LasVegas was shot dead by Aerodynamics
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Feb 16, 2018 by CeliaJones
If there's ever a mass shooting at his school at least he'll be remembered as a hero. There is enough room behind his fat ass for every kid in the school to hide. I'm just being honest.

TayBear17 1 hour 52 min ago
ok let me just be honest

when this was filling i was in the middle of jerking off and i was like "ya know i wanna frooks" and i looked and it was clear yall were friends so i sat there naked for like 5 minutes with a boner debating if i wanted to join and i said screw it, why not? Now I am going to go back to wanking my big cock goodbye and congrats don, love you so much now

invisible skin ID - d8e7f5 - iconic

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Aerodynamics you're way to fucking irrelevant to even bitch about
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