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Hello, my name is James Maslow

I run LA

I cummed in the middle of class today...
I was wearing some regular underwear today because all my boxers were dirty, also some loose thin pants because it was pretty warm out. Anyway im in class when the teacher asks me to come up to the board to read a part of the book, im a bit nervous because i dont like pubic speaking but whatever and i start reading it. I notice i have to read 2 fukin pages of this shiit, i start fuking up some words and i get a mini anxiety attack followed by an ever growing boner which looks bigger because underwear bunches up ur balls and cock.

I think whatever bishes will just think my cock is huge so great success, the thing is i start looking at some of the hotter girls in class in their yoga pants with their legs crossed over, my boner gets bigger and its starting to become noticable. i hear some people in the class say something and smiling, at this point im nervous as fuk and i can feel my face becoming red, i fumble with the words because all this compression in my underwear starts to feel good, at the same time its uncomfortable as fuk. I read some more and out of nowhere i say to the teacher "i cant do this anymore can i sit down?" she says no and tells me to finish, my knees start to weaken as i feel an orgasm starting to develop, i yell to the teacher "i have to go now!" the class starts laughing and a girl says "to put ur boner away" now the whole class is in tears laughing and tears of pain start to roll down my eyes but yet my penis is about to explode semen. I run to the door and try to open the doorknob but for some reason it doesnt open, i hear comments like "hes gone fukin insane", i dont know wut comes over me but i accept my new role as crazy.

I rip open my pants and yell "this is so fuking uncomfortable!" and whip my cock out, everybody gasps and yells omg, i start pulling on it and within seconds i start to explode, the teacher runs over and tries to stop me but i just end up jizzing on her, then on a couple people in the front row. everybody is screaming and security comes in and points a gun at me and tell me to get on the ground, i make a large cum stain on the floor where i am dragged away.

(to rainbowking) sw33t 0 min ago such a waste of a human being. depleting the world of oxygen when there are more useful members of society out there who could make better use of it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ +0 pointssw33t 4 min ago I really was going to skip this poor excuse for a human being, but granted the libelous intent of its actions today and its bitterness and deep rooted hatred for people who refuse to dance to the beat of his drum, I figured I can exercise the liberty of posting in the game that you quite frankly didn't even manage to get halfway through. You're an unemployed loser who should get your ass off your brothers couch and start burying yourself in job applications, because you know what bitch? A low retail store job at Macy's is not an actual job bitch, a middle school kid could get hired for that shit. Theres a reason you never do well in these games. Its because YOURE TERRIBLE AT THEM AND SHOULD STOP PLAYING. oh ALSO, you should STOP attempting humor, even before you begin, to save your own dignity. There's a reason people hate you and don't give you the time of day. ITS BECAUSE YOUR PERSONALITY IS ATROCIOUS, REPULSIVE. GO FIX IT. i beg you, for the sake of all the people who may have to bear with your disgusting self in the future.

Scooby0000 You’re the BIGGEST fucking bully on this website. You cry on the blogs page and act like the victim after YOU started shit with people and they retaliated. Like, really you dumbass annoying little boy? LOG OFF and go away for fuke’s sake. You’re a fucking HYPOCRITE! I laughed at something you said and then you told me that I INSULTED you, and you FILTERED me! Like, WTF LOL? Bipolar much? Really bro? Not with me. I see right through your bullshit cunt. Go fuck yourself you two-faced snake little hypocritical bitchboy.

Hunger Kills
savannah19 was shot dead by Aerodynamics
LasVegas was shot dead by Aerodynamics

Feb 16, 2018 by CeliaJones
If there's ever a mass shooting at his school at least he'll be remembered as a hero. There is enough room behind his fat ass for every kid in the school to hide. I'm just being honest.

TayBear17 1 hour 52 min ago
ok let me just be honest

when this was filling i was in the middle of jerking off and i was like "ya know i wanna frooks" and i looked and it was clear yall were friends so i sat there naked for like 5 minutes with a boner debating if i wanted to join and i said screw it, why not? Now I am going to go back to wanking my big cock goodbye and congrats don, love you so much now

invisible skin ID - d8e7f5

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Aerodynamics you're way to fucking irrelevant to even bitch about
Sent by Kelly2722,Apr 24, 2017

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