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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

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Don't mistake my kindness for my weakness. You push me, i'll push back harder

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Tengaged's very own Wonderwoman maybe? Always been a hero in my eyes. - Sash

Tiffanii - You're on of the fav females I love to play Rookies with. You're loyal as hell and just an overall ally. I love when you tell me you're not voting in jury unless I'm there. Thanks for being my friend hun, so much appreciation. <3 - Sandizzle

Tiffanii is my best tengaged friend. She's been my friend since way back when we were white/yellow levels. I love her with all my heart and hope she never leaves my side :)

BFF's till the end gurl! - Coreya8

Tiffanii, You were my first friend on this site even when we were little yellow level piss heads! You're friendship has meant the world to me and I'll never give that up for anything! - Coreya8

& Last but not least! My Partner in crime! Tiff, Tiffany, Tiffanii


I never in years, thought you would have gone out of your way too join? Because were have been distant for quiet awhile,.. Im glad it's me & you in final 2! & I think if it were anyone else id be sad :( Were back were bitchy but most of all were bikini! I ♥ YOU, & Hope this brings us back to close freinds, GET IT GOT IT! Your like my heart ♥ I couldnt live without you ❥ - EllaElla

Num Friends: 84
Num Reciprocal Friends: 84
Users having Tiffanii as a friend: 143

Tell me if you add me. I have a fear of uneven numbers xD I don't bite! I will of course, add you back =]

Joined: August 28
Yellow: September 14
Orange: October 25
Light Green: November 19
Dark Green: December 5
Blue: January 25
Purple: January 30
Red: February 9
Brown: February 13
Black: February 20
Silver: August 13

Check my blog:!/x_tiffani_x

My Games 314 games played

18 Jan, 19
13 Jan, 19
16 Jan, 19
12 Jun, 15
3 Mar, 14
26 Dec, 12
29 Sep, 12

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