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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Putera Rashid

I am who i am..
i believe in myself...
There is always kind people in our life...
Do good things so that God will always protect you.. :)

If i added you as my friend..
that means you are my friend..
even you evict me in a game..
vote me out from a game..
once friend..
forever you are my friend..
no hard feeling in games..
friend are forever.. game are just a game..

Let just play the game clean and nice...
and please if you want to backstab your fren..
plz tell them.. they shall know the true..
so that frenship will not break...

List of survivor participate:
Survivor Cook Island (Cubs) : 9th placed
Survivor Guatemala (Ben) : 2th placed
Survivor Borneo (Bcl) : 9th placed
Survivor Australia (Esquiff) : Winner 1st placed
Survivor China (Darmawati) : 3rd placed
Survivor Borneo (Karo) : 6th placed
Survivor "Fast" (Bw) : 5th placed
Survivor Tokelau (Drago's) : 5th placed
Survivor Country of Euro (Ryan) : 25th placed
Survivor South Pacific (Suitman) : 15th placed
Survivor Tasmania (Leli) : Winner 1st placed
Survivor Colombia (Epstar) : 7th placed
Survivor Amazon (Jette) : 18th placed and 3rd placed
Survivor Fiji (Bw) : 3rd placed
Survivor Individuality (_JB_) : 5th placed
Survivor Karma Island (Jerome) : 2nd placed
Survivor Pearl Island (Mearl) : 6th placed
Survivor Borneo (Bigbrother101) : 4th placed
Survivor Occultus Island (Drago) : 7th placed
Survivor Marshall Island (Ryan) : Winner 1st placed
Survivor Allstar (Esquiff) : 5th placed
Survivor Tokyo City (Subfriend) : 3rd placed
Survivor Borneo (Bruno) : 2nd placed
Survivor Canada (Mattkwon) : 4th placed
Survivor Belize (_JB_) : 10th placed
Survivor New Zealand (Jman) : Winner 1st placed
Survivor Thailand (Link's) : 14th placed
Survivor One World (Kantus) : Winner 1st placed
Survivor City Fan vs Favourites (Subfriend) : 4th placed

Other participation:
24th Annual Hunger Game (Blatstc) : 8th placed
Idol Tengaged (Katia) : 4th placed
Bigg Boss (survivorken) : Winner 1st placed
Hunger Game (JBC8) : 5th placed
Bigbrother (Kpnna) : 14th placed
Total Drama Awesome (Mjfjune) : Winner 1st placed
Masterchef (Chocolatejar) : 12th placed

My Games 91 games played

24 Oct, 17
23 Oct, 17
22 Oct, 17
22 Oct, 17
22 Oct, 17
22 Oct, 17
21 Oct, 17

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