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Hello, my name is Nekoruru9898

Video Games

Okay no but seriously. I'm male, almost 18 and I am obsessed with sweets, anime, video games, and reality television. I also draw and edit/composite pictures and videos. Although I haven't watched much of the television version of Big Brother from either UK or US, I did do a report on television shows of a similar genre to reality television for my final presentation and Big Brother was included. Also I have played some other Big Brother/Survivor/Total Drama games on other sites but I am currently new to this one :)

UPDATE: So I'm yellow now so it's time for more info.
Times played (Out of Date, Gommene)
Fasting: 46
Casting: 3
Frookies: 2

Times made top 3
Fasting: 9
Casting: 1

ORANGE UPDATE (way delayed)
I have a YT channel based on series like Top Model so I edit a lot of photos and draw as well using Paint Shop Pro. I'm pretty bad but I've seen worse as well. So, I try to post as much as I can without repeating an image.

Bloggin' on Tengaged.
I was Thinking of a Few Ideas for things to do for my blogs here to earn T$. Here's a few options, feel free to message if you have a recommendation.
1. Anime/Video Game Reviews.
2. Tips From Other Gaming Sites like Tengaged
3. My Opinions on Users, Positive Raves, etc.

Dark Green! Yay! :D Now I already want Blue >w> I know I'm a glory hog. But it's hard to believe that I've only been in the system such a short time... I don't even remember when I joined TBH :P Anyways the actual update.

I really don't know what to add for this color. So I'll add my morals for the games.
1. Don't back-stab your initial alliance/stay within their limits if possible.
2. Infiltrating an alliance is fine. It's better to stick to a single alliance, but occasionally faking a join will help out an initial alliance prosper.
3. If people honestly ask who you nominated, even if it's going to screw you over, so long as you have at least spoken with them, tell them. Hiding nominations is pointless. They're going to see them anyways.
4. If the game cost T$ to enter then screw the above rules to at least get a refund.
5. Making allies for future games is more important. Backstabbing someone you were allied with unnecessarily will only screw you in the future. So at least make sure to stick with two allies (if you have that many)
6. Occasionally being random in a game is okay, but know that it will have consequences. (In other words it's okay to be that one person who always posts pics at random or whatever as long as it's not obnoxious when you do it)

My Games 150 games played

15 Dec, 14
27 Nov, 14
18 Nov, 14
5 Nov, 14
30 Oct, 14
26 Oct, 14
24 Oct, 14

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