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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is yo

-My actual irl name is Kieran
-I hate 20-post castings

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July 2011 - October-ish 2011
April 2012 - October 2012
January 2013 - January 2014
November 2016 - *current*

--------------------------------Stuff involving me on Tengaged------------------------

"Kieran, ur a fun loving vamp guy. I lve u soooo much ur a very good friend to me from the moment we play a casting together. Plz never forget u are unique in and out. Love you kieran <3" - #Maya10

"Mutiny. Me and you have always played in many games together!!! We always have made it far together and i am soo happy we reached it this Far. lets always be friends and I will NEVER FORGET U. I hope we can play another game together!!!!!" - #Cuitrex

"Mutiny: you rock dude!!! thanks also for being so loyal...:) gl and hope we can play again soon and kick some more Your sooo awesome Mutiny...:)" - #CandyAB

"Kieran: hey ex-Frat leader! so sorry for leaving your frat, i had to due to coincidentally reasons, but i'm glad i'm still friends with you and thanks for HoH whoring to help me safe, and thanks for also listening to me everytime i told you to do something, but the thing that sucks is that your not making f2 with me :( the power is in julian's hands on who gets 5th, 4th, and 3rd, but i hope you get a good one, ILY <333333333333333333333333333" - #TDATrentsGroup

i remember when we fought in a fasting LOL, i werked that 15th xx im happy that we can laugh of that now and that we dont take it seriously anymore. we have actually become pretty good friends now and i see a very long and nice friendship in our way, hopefully we can play a game soon...on the same side ;) haha" - #xCelestex

"Ily @mutiny !"
"I got accepted to the Trainers Fraternity by the leader Mutiny . (loves you)" - #Dools

"shhhhhhhhhhh (hug)"
"youre a nice guy i know you are <3"
"ily =] you're a really nice person and i like how you call me out for calling you gay because i do apologise for that because you are straight so i am honestly sorry for calling you gay =[ you're a real nice guy" - #Connorthomson

"honestly I already want to be your best friend, because you have hunger games jacket and a pokeball in your little avatar thing. and you also love cats. not to be creepy or anything. hhaah." - #Dylan4000

"Mutiny, I think I've played fastings with you before but I'm not sure. Either way, I find you to be very trustworthy too! I'm glad we were on the same side the whole time!" - #EEstrada17

"I enjoyed faking a fight w/you - I think you're definitely up there for best strategists I've played with" - #Benkrutch

"Mutiny - We were incredible crookies allies and you are a great friend indeed! :) You also helped me with my charity with I am sincerely thankful for! I hope we can become better friends as time passes < 3" - #I_PullDaStrings

"Mutiny - whenever i see your name I think- Hunger Games. He's the guy from D1- avoid him at all costs. He can backstabb you.... But your AWESOME :D" - #Athenaa

"Mutiny - My first impression of you was in a castings and omg can you spam lol. My first impression was that you were sweet and boy were you competition in that castings lol. Keep on doing well in games :)" - #Sweetheart95

@Mutiny" - #TheMB305

"My friend, I am sorry you had to go, you are a great ally." - #Corrm

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