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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Monica

Survivor Favs:

Survivor: Borneo- Greg
Survivor: Australian Outback- Elisabeth
Survivor: Africa- Teresa
Survivor: Marquesas- Vecepis
Survivor: Thailand- Helen
Survivor: The Amazon- Heidi
Survivor: Pearl Islands- Sandra
Survivor: All-Stars- Amber
Survivor: Vanuatu- Eliza
Survivor: Palau- Jenn
Survivor: Guatemala- Danni
Survivor: Panama- Danielle
Survivor: Cook Islands- Becky
Survivor: Fiji- Michelle
Survivor: China- Courtney
Survivor: Micronesia- Parvati
Survivor: Gabon- Crystal
Survivor: Tocantins- Erinn
Survivor: Samoa- John
Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains- Parvati
Survivor: Nicaragua- Alina
Survivor: Redemption Island- Natalie
Survivor: South Pacific- Sophie
Survivor: One World- Kim
Survivor: Philippines- Carter
Survivor: Caramoan- Andrea

Big Brother Faves:

Season 1- Brittany & Josh
Season 2- Will
Season 3- Jason & Danielle
Season 4- Jun, David, Nathan, & Alison
Season 5- Jase, Nakomis, Diane, & Drew
Season 6- Kaysar, Rachel, James, Howie, & Janelle
Season 7- James, Will, & Janelle
Season 8- Jen, Jessica, Daniele, & Dick
Season 9- Ryan
Season 10- Libra, Renny, Keesha, & Dan
Season 11- Laura, Russell, Jeff, Michele, & Jordan
Season 12- Rachel, Matt, Britney, Lane, & Hayden
Season 13- Dominic, Daniele, Jeff, Shelly, & Kalia
Season 14- Ashley, Frank, JoJo, Dan, & Janelle


Bingo's Survivor Japan: 11th
Bingo's Survivor Bhutan Fans vs Faves: 23rd
Bry's Big Brother 2: 3rd
Lower Level Stars 20: 9th
Suitmans' Survivor Samoa: 13th
ILTB's Total Drama Reloaded [as Dakota]: 16th
Bdreezy's Total Drama Island [as Heather]: Quit (6th)
Kpnna's The Glass House: As A Voter
Kpnna's Friends and Foes: 8th
Smiley's Survivor El Salvador: 14th

My Games 190 games played

14 Aug, 22
29 May, 22
25 May, 22
24 May, 22
21 May, 22
16 May, 22
12 May, 22

My Blog Check my blog!

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