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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Michael

I'm 100% straight

highest rank #62 on 12/7/13

Black 11/14/10
Silver 1/26/11
Gold 4/16/11
Sky 6/21/11
Blood 7/24/11
Tv Star 11/11/11 ☆☆ 87TH TV STAR ☆☆

_______________xxxxxxDIED FOR OURxxxxxx
___COPY AND PASTE______xxxxxx

MichealFisher - Michael you are one of my oldest friends on this site I have soooooooo many good things to say about you because I think you are marvelous. Even when I've had like 100000 haters you have always been there for me and you have always been so nice, kind and caring to me. I feel as if we've been on the same journey as we both have like similar karma and are working towards getting TV Star before the top 100 :P Anyway Michael I have nothing but amazing things to say about you because you truly are a special person. I consider you one of my best friends on this site. I love you :) -helencoops-

"you are my beeeeeeeeeeeest friend :)
a complete sweetheart
and I love you
Sent by o_Elle_o"

"i think ur 1 of the sweetest guys on the site, ur real and original and u always make me laugh. i only ever see u say good stuff about people and ur always on hand to give advice if needed....ur also a really good player :)
Sent by ladylizard"

"michaelfisher - honestly you're one of the nicest people on the site. Dools says we should be together and dools knows all so I guess you're stuck with me. Thank you so much for joining my charity. I really appreciate it. I think it might have been the first .com game we played together. I'm glad we've gotten closer recently because I've gotten to know what a genuinely kind and caring person you are. -foxox"

Foxox 1 min ago
MICHAEL! Ilyilyily. Youre such a sweet guy and im glad youve started coming on call with us recently cause I can kick your ass in epicmafia lmao. Ily babe :* and yeah I'm glad weve started talking so much more cause youre a really good friend.

"michaelfisher - where to I begin? I have missed you and those dolphins so much! You are seriously one of the most down to earth guys I have ever met, not just on here either. You're funny and you're kind and you always put others before yourself! Oh and you're my favorite fisher, don't ever forget that! -DiamondsArentForever"

My Games 571 games played

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18 Oct, 21
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15 Oct, 21
5 Oct, 21
1 Oct, 21
24 Sep, 21
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9 Sep, 21

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