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Hello, my name is Michael Fisher

I'm 100% straight

"If possible, on your part, live at peace with everyone. (‭Romans‬ ‭12‬:‭18‬)"

"I don't forgive people because I'm weak, I forgive them
because I am strong enough to know people make mistakes."

"It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails,
admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something."

"it's the events in our life that shape us but it's our choices that define us"

"The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone,
but the things you do for others remain as your legacy."

"You should never be surprised when someone treats you with
respect, you should expect it."

"the worst things in life are not the mean things you say to one another those you get over the worst things in life are those things that never get said"

highest rank #62 on 12/7/13

Black 11/14/10
Silver 1/26/11
Gold 4/16/11
Sky 6/21/11
Blood 7/24/11
Tv Star 11/11/11 ☆☆ 87TH TV STAR ☆☆

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MichealFisher - Michael you are one of my oldest friends on this site I have soooooooo many good things to say about you because I think you are marvelous. Even when I've had like 100000 haters you have always been there for me and you have always been so nice, kind and caring to me. I feel as if we've been on the same journey as we both have like similar karma and are working towards getting TV Star before the top 100 :P Anyway Michael I have nothing but amazing things to say about you because you truly are a special person. I consider you one of my best friends on this site. I love you :) -helencoops-

"you are my beeeeeeeeeeeest friend :)
a complete sweetheart
and I love you
Sent by o_Elle_o"

"i think ur 1 of the sweetest guys on the site, ur real and original and u always make me laugh. i only ever see u say good stuff about people and ur always on hand to give advice if needed....ur also a really good player :)
Sent by ladylizard"

"michaelfisher - honestly you're one of the nicest people on the site. Dools says we should be together and dools knows all so I guess you're stuck with me. Thank you so much for joining my charity. I really appreciate it. I think it might have been the first .com game we played together. I'm glad we've gotten closer recently because I've gotten to know what a genuinely kind and caring person you are. -foxox"

Foxox 1 min ago
MICHAEL! Ilyilyily. Youre such a sweet guy and im glad youve started coming on call with us recently cause I can kick your ass in epicmafia lmao. Ily babe :* and yeah I'm glad weve started talking so much more cause youre a really good friend.

"michaelfisher - where to I begin? I have missed you and those dolphins so much! You are seriously one of the most down to earth guys I have ever met, not just on here either. You're funny and you're kind and you always put others before yourself! Oh and you're my favorite fisher, don't ever forget that! -DiamondsArentForever"

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