Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Marek

Previously played on Marekk27. <3
Yellow - 3 Games.
Orange - 8 Games.
Green - 9 Games.
Dark Green - 14 Games.
Blue - 16 Games.
Purple - 17 Games.
Red - 20 Games.
Brown Level - 24 Games.

Etaco75 - Marek. Taught me I can't flavor someone and expect the public to view my gameplay as good. That's a king and he appeared in future stars!

BengalBoy - A proper old school lad who's always been sound. Had a good streak of merges together and always got along great. Glad you're back mate cuz Tengaged could always use more genuine blokes like yaself

jason_2_12 4 hours 56 min ago
Marek - DUDE I CANNOT! EXPLAIN! HOW ANNOYED I WAS AT YOU GOING HOME! You literally killed this game and you deserved to win! We were at the bottom from 14th and still managed single digits! You’re a fantastic guy and player! I wish you stayed so bad :(
Marek you sir are a king of the highest order! Fantastic stars player and ally and now friend! Thanks so much for being a loyal cunt <3 Ily <3

bigben1996: We budded heads A LOT! But, I respect how hard you tried and you were someone that I did not want to go into a poll with. I'm thankful that I never did but you're a dangerous player. I appreciate the kind words you sent to me today.

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