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Hello, my name is Karen Smith

I plus all spam ☺ Just mail me for a +13
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Highest rank: 370th

My best friend thinks she is so smart. She said onions are the only food that make you cry. So I threw a coconut at her face.

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Zwoop: K2736

I will always and forever love Matedog1209 <3

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GoodKaren 5 points OUT

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11/19/14: White achieved ☺
12/17/14: Yellow achieved ☺
7/8/15: Orange achieved ☺
7/8/15: Light Green achieved ☺
7/11/15: Green achieved ☺
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11/19/15: Red achieved ☺
1/1/16: Brown achieved ☺(First to buy any color level 2016!)
1/6/16: Black achieved ☺
6/19/16: Silver achieved ☺
8/15/16 - 4/16/17: 243 day BREAK
6/19/17 - Gold achieved ☺
7/19/17 - Sky achieved ☺

People I have gifted (excluding helping gift for others)
Matedog1209 (505T$ design) (6/8/15)
Rperduex11 (555T$ design) (9/22/15)
JohnnyCampanella (425T$ design) (11/17/15)
flame999 (100T$ design) (12/15/15)
Matedog1209 (535T$ design) (6/9/16)
hellocat (555T$ design) (7/3/16)
Kittykatz553 (500T$ design) (4/20/17)
turkeylover (600T$ design) (5/21/17)
Flamey9999 (100T$ design) (8/26/17)
xSvala (100T$ design) (8/26/17)
turkeylover (75T$ design) (10/6/17)
MoneyShot (100T$ design) (10/6/17)
NoChildSupport (500T$ design) (10/22/17)
Matedog1209 (100T$ design) (11/5/17)
NoChildSupport (50T$ design) (12/2/17)
turkeylover (50T$ design) (12/2/17)
DoubleSS (50T$ design) (12/9/17)
Paige5459 (50T$ design) (12/24/17)
Matedog1209 (50T$ design) (12/25/17)
JennaValentina (50T$ design) (12/26/17)
Matedog1209 (390T$ design) (3/3/18)
gagaluv (300T$ design) (4/6/18)
Edna (50T$ design) (4/14/18)
levvy (50T$ design) (4/14/18)
yoshicoolman (50T$ design) (4/14/18)
Scooby0000 (200T$ design) (6/15/18)
Parvatis (300T$ design) (kind of)

Shop #1 (2250T$):

People I want to gift:
A lot of people (saving up for a shop)

People I have sponsored in Hunger:
Robinhood99 (15T$)
Memphis_Grizzlies (100T$)
Scooby0000 (100T$)
Matedog1209 (15T$) X3
Matedog1209 (50T$)
C00LDUDE1000 (15T$)
Homer88 (50T$)
Allyxox (15T$)
Aidan0621 (50T$)
yoshicoolman (50T$)
C00LDUDE1000 (50T$)
Question (50T$)
Paige54 (15T$)
Jenna2010 (50T$)
Aria_Grande (50T$)
Alvino (100T$)
pizzawithcookirs (15T$)

8/16/17 -

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